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10:23LeafyisHere INTERVIEW!            #DramaAlert
LeafyisHere INTERVIEW! #DramaAlertÁhorf 1,3 m.Mánuði síðan
24:41Ethan Klein Detached from Reality! - H3H3
Ethan Klein Detached from Reality! - H3H3Áhorf 2,5 m.5 mánuðum síðan
14:53H3h3 lies
H3h3 liesÁhorf 3,7 m.5 mánuðum síðan
14:37The MOST HATED YOUTUBER!  - Onision INTERVIEW!  #DramaAlert
15:15I FOUND GOLD!!!! #DramaAlert
I FOUND GOLD!!!! #DramaAlertÁhorf 588 þ.9 mánuðum síðan
14:07I bought my fans a BRAND NEW CAR!   -- #DramaAlert
I bought my fans a BRAND NEW CAR! -- #DramaAlertÁhorf 538 þ.10 mánuðum síðan


  • My mom said I couldn’t get the ps5 or a Xbox can i get one I been subbed?

  • at least addison didn’t cheat 🥱

  • Can I please win

  • Damn, this dude is hella corny.

  • i subbed and hit the bell a year ago

  • Subed and turned on notifications im trying to win the Xbox

  • Thank u I knew it

  • Hey keem could i please have that ps5 my friends say they will get one but my family is poor. My friends tease me about not getting one so please could i have the ps5

  • 2020 Update: Everything between Deji and Ksi is sorted now

  • Me Waiting for him to tell abt the D'Amelio cheating 👁👄👁

  • What about David’s house clip?? Wtf💀

  • Yo what are you on?

  • D'amelio family lookin kinda sus

  • Well it doesn’t really matter because they don’t keep the money, it’s given to charity or fans. Anyone who won had to give the money away

  • I was at that stream EVERYONE was spamming “unfair” and they kept ignoring us. 😂

  • I turned on Notifications

  • Slims vs Ryan Garcia 😪😂

  • Ik some dumbass really didn’t say every tik tok the the demolios make they get 90k

  • i honestly am confused were then not supposed to help eachother? bc the other people on the bottom were discussing to-....

  • Thy also had their phones

  • I’m subbed with all notifications on now let’s get right into the news 📰

  • white chocolate vs ryan garcia?

  • New here

  • Tiktokers don’t even properly dance. They just do trends every 15 year old can do, it’s professional choreographed dancing that makes someone an ACTUALLY good dancer. yet everyone says they’re TALENTED and have a GIFT. They’re famous cuz of their looks.

  • I wouldn’t call that cheating I mean if you need help you need help

  • Ase Ase Ase ooooo


  • So in games if you cheat u get banned in real life you win money and I bet she gonna say sorry well I’m done with famous people And we don’t forgive anymore that’s all we hear from famous every day dream should have won

  • i want xbox

  • In COVID I have been so bored and my life has gotten pretty tough that is why I really want a console so I can at least have a fun😓

  • I am subbed and have notifications on

  • i dont think they cheated it not like you see anyone telling them or a phone with them

  • the damelios were acting so sus the whole time. it was so uncomfortable to watch

  • Drama alert fact : keem hasn’t worn pants in any of the drama alert videos.

  • Keem plz plz plz plz don’t cover tiktok drama this is the only drama channel that sticks to youtubers so plz keep it that way thanks.

  • Im pretty sure they wur allowed to all talk to eachother

  • I like how Mr Beast calls giving away 300k a "Game for fun" what sum of money will it take for Mr. Beast to consider one of these a serious game LOL

  • Keemstar also said that Thomas let him join the hype house ,but keemstar isn't a tik toker he's a youtuber and the hype house is only for tik tokers , so meaning don't believe keemstar

  • Done hopefully i won


  • Ayo lemme get a Xbox

  • Finally a video in like of keemstar

  • “I hit the bell, selected all notifications” fingers crossed

  • Give ps5

  • So was it all staged?

  • Never even heard of any D'Amelio or something

  • Find out where daequan went

  • Pls can you give me one

  • Wow! Imagine 4 people cheating in a trivia to get money that they don't need

  • Best bit about MR beasts trivia tournament will be the new Roast material for KSIs reddit! 😂

  • Idk how it’s cheating if the whole family is the team, the dad is allowed to help. They weren’t there because of tic tok, they were there because of their FAMILY CHANNEL.

  • Dude i dont have a consol

  • You already know I'm subbed and got them notifications on can I be entered to win the ps4 please

  • Keep up the good work keem great content

  • Subscribed and put ALL notifications on

  • Can I get the playstation please ?

  • Ff sa

  • We don't need the money taken back from them,what we need is for the Damelios to admit they cheated

  • bruh thats not even cheating. when you dont know the answer you just look everywhere to concentrate. maybe the dad did not know the answer so he tried to concentrate. he could also cheat

  • ACE FAMILY fake!!!

  • 8:30 For the only reason anyone clicked on this vid

  • Just forgot that I didn't have notifications on my bad bro

  • I hit the bell and selected all notifications

  • Exposed

  • Ps5 plzzzzzz

  • I want the ps5

  • Can I please have one I have never had a ps xbox or pc please can I get one

  • Doneeeee

  • I want the ps5

  • “I hit the bell and selected all notifications” gl

  • I need a new gaming system PLEASE my Xbox finally gave out on me 😭😭😭😭😭

  • That timmys cup is making me want coffee.. Great vid bro. Love to see the 716 on ISchats map.

  • Damn

  • “I hit the bell, turned on notifications” 0.000001 percent chance I win but good luck to everyone else

  • Love the videos

  • I've been subscribed and notifications and I liked the video just in case, Good Luck my friends

  • He said a new PS4 so is an add on or sum wtf 😂

  • Keem make me laugh

  • I hit the bell and selected all notifications, good luck to everyone

  • What's the point they arent gonna keep the money its for the subscribers