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10:23LeafyisHere INTERVIEW!            #DramaAlert
LeafyisHere INTERVIEW! #DramaAlertÁhorf 1,4 m.5 mánuðum síðan
24:41Ethan Klein Detached from Reality! - H3H3
Ethan Klein Detached from Reality! - H3H3Áhorf 2,5 m.8 mánuðum síðan
14:53H3h3 lies
H3h3 liesÁhorf 3,7 m.8 mánuðum síðan
14:37The MOST HATED YOUTUBER!  - Onision INTERVIEW!  #DramaAlert


  • Charli sucks so bad

  • Ooooh 40 year old gossip spill the tea sister all is forgiven

  • Plus he was still a minor to sooooooo

  • Tony Lopez is wild same with the hype house @tanukichi1616

  • man id love that xbox, game changer @malcom_tracy

  • see the thing with trisha is bullys get bullied, she deserves all she gets, shes vile.

  • Trisha is constantly picking on people on twitter, so it's hilarious to see her crying on the kitchen floor for being picked on. Treat others how you want to be treated Trish

  • The way Keem words his Carson script is pretty clear he has something against Carson and wants him taken down. Leave the poor bastard alone!

  • The one punch

  • Hi

  • Hi

  • The ACE Family video got 4.6k dislikes out of 186k reactions, I think they are doing just fine.

  • Corpse breathes for one second *facebook ad pops up*

  • Fun Fact: Today Is Alexia's Fake Death Anniversary

  • Dear DramaAlert can you please look into a channel called Pets Rescue there done manny horrific acts to pets and have already killed 5 dogs please bring light to this situation. Only large well known channels can bring a stop to this.

  • Normal comment Twitter @FlamedWasTaken

  • Best drama

  • Tony with minors!?! We all knew he had something with minors @Chris98552483

  • Great videos I need the Xbox the new Xbox Twitter leehaney200

  • Worth a try @GeorgeWhisker

  • i hate charli and i feel bad for the people who lost to them :(

  • The woman in the thumbnail kinda looks like CallMeCarson

  • Can't wait for more news keemstar! Keep up the good work Twitter: @reyaht_nivag

  • I think ace family and Trisha had enough drama this/last year? @illusionsvfx

  • 2021 anyone???????

  • I don’t have a Twitter but I have ISchats and Snapchat and watch you on both and have for awhile now love the content man keep it up (send that Xbox my way)

  • Deji really need therapy, the only thing im getting fo everything i have seen is that Deji really cant take that his brother is a lot more succesfull than him, si he literally sees everything KSI does as a threat ti him.... Deji really has a mayor inferiority complex

  • Corpse: breathes Fangirls: write it that down write it that down

  • Tony needs shutting down. Mattybrock04

  • Underage females . Classy @domain317

  • Oh wow look there’s a piece of garbage talking in this video

    • I hope keemstar see this and makes funny of me cuz that would be awesome 🤣

  • Damn these tik tokers cant be stopped @twokfn

  • Hope this week will be normal @Whxm8

  • Really not suprised trisha is in drama with jefree star it seems like every week its some new drama shes in lol Twitter handle:@_elrattata_

  • Finally a story on corpse lol

  • 1 sub to keem=one more sub than he had last time.

  • why does nick avocado look like a puffer fish tho?

  • Lmao I farted after I heard KSI @MiguelA89830358

  • KSI just keeps making moves and im here for it @xzerefuu

  • Miss the old news from 3 years ago

  • Gnome

  • Great video my guy Twitter: @JerzSimps4U

  • The worst part about clicking on a DramaAlert video is when you can’t summon the balls to make it past the first 10 seconds.

  • Keemstar mom gae

  • Even with the maths, people still get lucky. Sometimes lightning has struck twice in the same spot. We have seen the first white whole. So there is a chance dream really did defy the odds and do this.

  • Corpses oxygen is legendary

  • What is it with youtubers and under aged girls

  • Ya know, I'm proud of JJ. He's come a long way with his music career. I look forward to seeing awesome content from him! @Shy_Girl_____

  • gu-

  • 2021 somebody ?

  • You know Keems running out of news when he reports someone breathing 😂 @charlieBBB2

  • Hype house is over rated @ryleehoward19

  • Guys help why is drama alert bad. What is it

  • NOOOO not trisha again OMG @JakeWal60958181

  • Ah yes, 69k likes, this is true perfection.

  • Oh my god Trisha 😂😂

  • Keem star

  • Trisha: "I'm done making videos" Trisha: Goes and makes another video on it twitter: daddydontlye

  • I love keem bro

  • Ohh my god

  • never thought i'd watch a drama alert video just because of the title

  • Glad I never subscribed 😐

  • Bruh what is gonna happen to Tony Lopez xD. He always be catchin' a case with someone. Twitter: @julian31sanchez

  • I wish I can win:(

  • Trisha, Jeffry Star and The Ace Family is all the same people for drama @RektRxshi

  • Trust is just dramatic twitter @DjMurray17

  • Man said wankbank

  • who knew a tiktok star would do that lol @SoudRiyan

  • Omg I did not see this in my sub box. The Tommy story is just funny. @carteraashby

  • whos here in 2021 lmao


  • I honestly am so ashamed of Ethan constantly having Trisha over, I don't even watch his podcast anymore.

  • Keemstar always be bringing the news twitter handle @RAHUL

  • Keem just because someone doesn't reply to you doesn't automatically make them guilty. Your logic is absolutely disgusting, what you are doing is slander. I'm in no way agreeing with the accusations so before your underage fans automatically think that, no, you are terribly wrong.