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0:40Stable Relationship: Horse Nuzzles Owner's Ear
Stable Relationship: Horse Nuzzles Owner's EarÁhorf 1 þ.Degi Síðan síðan
0:41Plane Lands on Parkway Median in Florida
Plane Lands on Parkway Median in FloridaÁhorf 1,1 þ.5 klukkustundum síðan
0:32Downward Dog! Dog and Owner Practice Trust Fall Together
0:36Pooch Takes Wrong Turn in Game of Fetch
Pooch Takes Wrong Turn in Game of FetchÁhorf 1,1 þ.5 klukkustundum síðan
0:50Bystanders Step In to Protect Asian Man in New York City
1:04Cherry Blossom Petals Fall Like Snow in Seattle
1:35Semitrailer Flips on Icy Canadian Highway
Semitrailer Flips on Icy Canadian HighwayÁhorf 602Degi Síðan síðan


  • He's saying: do you like that baby 😂

  • I mean this is a good deed and all but idk it was kind of uncomfortable and when he said “the girls are the bitches” that was kind of inappropriate because your in a place of business and I don’t think you can say that “and your not a bitch after this” um that was definitely inappropriate.

  • Holy shit this is a boat??? It's got fucking elevators!!

  • She reminds me of peyton list

  • I HATEE they way they sound. They sound like super whiny kids who needs a slap.

  • You know what would suck? Everyone evacuating the boat because it’s sinking and you sleep through the alarm and are now alone in the middle of the ocean on a empty boat.

  • This is why I hated water!

  • Awesome that one of the 5 TBM Avengers from Flight 19 lost in the Bermuda Triangle in 1945 finally found their way back to Florida!!

  • This is bad for my image. -Batman

  • Guess they aren't deaf anymore

  • Swiper trying to swipe his shoes

  • That is hilarious!

  • Stupid man: Y'all racist! Me: Because they are not bad people like you?

  • The majority of Americans are good people like those bystanders who came to intervene, this is the side of America that the World needs to see more. As a proud Asian American, I stood by the "Black Lives Matter" as I will stand against any injustice and Racism against any fellow Americans. What this thug did was purely Racist and a cowardly insane attack on an unprovoked person.

  • they Don't slash they stab

  • I kinda love her teeth

  • Me throughout the entire video Omg she's so pretty Then she got teeth implants Me: tf she got prettier

  • Swiper no swiping swiper no swiping swiper nooo swiping!!

  • i didn't know they sound like Minecraft bats 💀

  • This video is amazing! A cute black bear A jacuzzi And a stunning view of the sunrise and sunset! WOW! When the camera points at the view, just wow!😍🌅

  • Chit Show that you Alfred?

  • "Shit my ears look on point today"

  • *no one but me when i saw the reality :*

  • Another reason humans should stay out of the ocean.

  • That boy had news, he a menace to society

  • fuck these dentists for not helping me as a young kid when I needed the help

  • Eyw

  • Is he screaming Black Lives Matter?

  • White helps white.

  • 0:58 LoL fatgull LMAO Xddd

  • Her teeth now are probably looking good by now my braces worked in a couple of months. But it can be different for everyone.

  • Bhahubali 3

  • “Ma’am....I... don’t care.”

  • Cant imagine being a parent and your leaving your kids in the room Or taking a shower lol that’s sad

  • what a bunch of posers... the only waves there were made by the whale's fluke.

  • Nope!

  • The fox was just testing his gangsta. Went for the shoes, he didn't back down, the fox respected it.

  • Pilot needs to take his time going over speed bumps.

  • this guy is hilarious

  • Is this guy Linda H.? Couldn't be sure without the music.

  • She was just trying to comb her hair

  • That is pretty. I’d give her an engagement myself if I had the chance😂

  • A black man shouted corona to my asian girl friend. My friend replied back " Ebola" 🤣

  • Just looked up the cost for braces and im like why tf are they so expensive

  • I would have been surfing. Everyone is such cry babies.

  • I wouldn’t die from a crash I would die from being scared to death💀

  • Hate this fucking creature

  • She is hungry, the shoes are made from leather

  • We all need to look out for each other. I’m really proud of the people who stepped up to make sure he was safe.

  • Those fish seem to know where they are going

  • My German grandfather met several nice foxes which came to his house. He told me not to touch them as they're probably infected with that illness which creates bubbles around the mouth and makes animals go mad...

  • Proof a mother can love you more than you can live yourself :)

  • Gotta use the horn in a situation like this

  • Dentists should really ask if patients love their teeth and know what they love abt them. I have braces and I kinda regret it even if I've always wanted to have one bec. like her, I had snuggle teeth but a pretty good smile and when you have braces, your lip shape will be different, and your smile may turn weird.

  • okay but to be honest this looks so fun

  • He probably pranked her a lot of times.😁

  • Any other animal looking at a mirror: WHO IS THAT This cat: oh wow i have ears

  • Heartbreaking

  • I'm actually amazed that the drone was not phased once by the ash in capturing this footage. People can't even send a helicopter into the region for emergency purposes because the ash can clog the engines.

  • Wow that's one smart cat. Most animals cats included can recognize their reflections.

  • thankfully for all the good samaritans.

  • Imagine you're pooping and the boat start swaying ...

  • 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  • Don't cut the trees.. Save trees save environment

  • The attacker is angry and shouted racist because he is jealous that the sweet old lady holds the Asian guy hand and not his.

  • Ummm NO thank you! No cruise ships for me!!!!

  • Cat sees mirror. "Wait...I'm a cat?"

  • give that grandma some recognition!!!!

  • she is sooo prettyyyyyy

  • Good man

  • Really sad when she was like "I just wanna eat again" and when she thought she killed her brother

  • Just realized they are playing the meg movie 😆

  • Creepy.

  • He said gah damn them teeth giving me directions to just use my skills for FREEEE

  • Looks like he has other people who are friendly with him.

  • He seems a little weird....

  • As someone who’s been on quite a few cruises, and flies regularly, I’ve never had something bad happen. Thing like this badly ever occur, but when they do, you better hope you’re ready.

  • italy?

  • Imagine sleeping through that