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35:20Liverpool's Champions League press conference | Ajax
8:44Inside Goodison: Everton 2-2 Liverpool
Inside Goodison: Everton 2-2 LiverpoolÁhorf 157 þ.5 dögum síðan
13:42Jürgen Klopp's pre-match press conference | Arsenal
4:04:49ePremier League finals night: TEKKZ defends his title
3:23Jürgen Klopp's reaction: Salzburg 2-2 Liverpool
Jürgen Klopp's reaction: Salzburg 2-2 LiverpoolÁhorf 343 þ.2 mánuðum síðan
3:50Klopp on Liverpool's pre-season games in Austria
Klopp on Liverpool's pre-season games in AustriaÁhorf 234 þ.2 mánuðum síðan
2:50Best of: Fabinho 2019/20 | Premier League Champion
4:15Best of: Sadio Mane 2019/20 | Premier League Champion
3:06Best of: Mo Salah 2019/20 | Premier League Champion
2:01CHAMPIONS! Liverpool's Premier League trophy lift
0:50Premier League trophy engraving | '19-20 LIVERPOOL'
32:08Jürgen Klopp's pre-match press conference | Chelsea
20:18Jürgen Klopp's pre-match press conference | Arsenal
14:23Jürgen Klopp's pre-match press conference | Burnley
23:30Jürgen Klopp's pre-match press conference | Brighton


  • Now he’s injured

  • This team/squad play as one one one together. We will be ready for Sheffield United. Nothing has changed and it’s business as usual. I have every faith that Liverpool will continue with there winning ways.🙏♥️x

  • We need Mané

  • How about Thiago ? Did he will play against Sheffield ?

  • لفر

  • chungha

  • Mo salah ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Excited to see how Brewster plays I think he’ll be back at Liverpool in a year or two

  • Mo salah ❤️❤️❤️

  • Robertson should be captain definitely

  • 3:45 4:31

  • Trust in klopp his is a world class manager.. 😶

  • Egypten King Lov 🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🌹💕💖

  • _always in life, if something bad happens, when the dust is kinda settled, then you can see the opppotunities again_ JK 2020

  • I’m Japanese junior high school student... but nobody loves or knows Liverpool ! I love Liverpool I love all players I’m really respecting them And I love Kropp I want to chat with reds !

  • Just imagine if the fans were allowed in the stadium ANFIELD WOULD LITERALLY BE BURNING

  • Anyone watch this every now and then because it puts a smile on your face?

  • what a legend

  • I don't care what u guys say this is my opinion not yours so don't say anything what u think u are going to say about liverpool cuz they are number 1team in England im from England i see them play a lot in anfild

  • the beginning of a legend

  • I want to see Billy the kid play because of all the hype around him.

  • Respect

  • Klopp is still pissed off that management didn't approve of Timo Werner.

  • Sheffield for the win

  • Liverpool is the best with van dijk and Alexander arnold mane fermino sala and thiago this is why liverpool is the best i think in the Uefa CHAMPIONS LEAGUE I THINK THEY WOULD WIN IT ALL THE WAY TO THE FINAL

  • Always be successful mr. Klopp with liverpool.YNWA

  • Klopp have a shave so u look like a real manager and get rid of Adrian he is not good he gets paid to let goles like Bruce grob if not time to go klopp Liverpool meads manager who wants to win I know u r on 160.000 a week klopp time u go

  • "I just love Anfield. It's a great place. I love our dressing room. I love all the things there. I love our atmosphere even when the people are not in because it's just our home." - Jurgen Klopp

  • Klopp is a gentleman and a sportsman.

  • صلاح المصري حبيبي

  • Ever since Nike joined Liverpool not good bring back New balance the best get rid of Nike asap

  • Love the man. I'm sure Robbo holds no grudges.. ask Messi 🤣🤣

  • Unbelieveble... Im crying

  • Not Rich 0 - Rich 1.

  • I am glad we have him😀

  • ❤️❤️❤️Klopp

  • Super

  • How many goles Adrian going to let in how mutch dose he get paid for every gole klopp time to go Liverpool nead manager who wants to win don't hurt Alison in training and put Adrian in bag golekeeper not far from 20 goles from 4games

  • Klopp needs to experiment with a new shape for the squad. We've got the depth in midfield (we can almost field an entire team of midfielders) but we're lacking at the back. The most important change, is that I'd like Firmino to drop to CAM while Jota becomes CF. Jota brings a new dynamic to the team.

  • Most strange video

  • 7-2

  • 7-2

  • What about Milner and Alisson?

  • Van dijk right now fifa 21. Next year pes 22.

  • You are the best

  • A kid was expecting mo.

  • Jurg is pissed

  • Some of these questions from the journalists are so lazy and uninteresting.

  • I guess Robbo might steal the captaincy from VVD after Hendo but who cares, they all are leaders and proven winners!

  • “who is interested in truths nowadays ” 🤣🤣🤣 you are Savage boss 🔥🔥🔥

  • 7:48 "But who is interested in the truth nowadays?" Unfortunately, that is true; in politics as much as sport .

  • Now.. i think hes ready to be a Liverpool captain after hendo

  • Im a big critic of adrain.he did well the other night and made some important saves so fairplay to him.

  • Klopp tomorrow 3-0 Liverpool

  • I am Egyptian and I hope to watch a match for Mohamed Salah, the pride of the Arabs, at Liverpool Stadium

    • @TheRadMadLad No I do not agree. Somtimes his selfishness can cost the team dear

    • @Ismaïla Maak Seck Yeah he isn't. But that's why he is lethal. He bounces back to disprove you.

    • Salah is no longer effective

  • do not rush thiago and matip back

  • Home win end of.stop asking the kaiser about virgil, getting boring now.would like to see mini,jota and show start,they showed their energy against ajax.these guys are class and valuble members of the squad

  • Imagine Covid happened around this time and we was robbed off this atmosphere. I genuinely believe the result would have been different, should fans not have been allowed to enter. God’s Plan.

  • Virgl van dyke you are string kome one virgel

  • Jurgen at the wheel I am confident the boys will be ready :)

  • After the Ajax game we need to carry momentum into this game with a good penetrating performance, YNWA ❤ Oh and btw that penetration includes no LUBRICATION 🤣

  • Klop you need to improve the defense I think you need to buy Koulibaly

  • Arthur Christmas is the GOAT

  • Supporters not customers

  • If firmino don’t play well drop him anyways since he’s been with us he’s scored 78 goals n 56 assists which is 134 goal contribution in 251 games n in the premier 180 games n 57 goals n 37 assists so 94 goal contribution in 180 games he’s had 5 season 4 good 1 decent but not the best by his standards overall he’s a good player jus a dip in form a goal against Sheffield will boost him in confidence if he gets 16 +goals in all comps like he did in the 18-19 no one can hate on him last season he got 12 he jus need a few more like if u agree

    • @Pape do u agree with what I said

    • He’s a crucial player. He’s involved in a lot of goals most of the time he doesn’t get the assist but he’s essential.

  • Personally I dont want to see Virgil play again this season. I'd rather see him recover and be back 100% next season

    • What pay him for rest of season to sit on he's but get him back asap or get rid asap

  • Good luck Liverpool

  • ... About all think , tould so complitly and wide ...bravo, mr are the best..!🤘🤘🤘

  • billy the kid XD!

    • Caught that too. Busting up to that name.

  • Looking back and reminding myself just how sick we were last season 😰

  • We will thrash Dem man in Sheffield


  • No one: Van Dijk: “fireee”

  • Worst edited video of the history of mankind

  • بالله عليكم اللي يشوف تعليقي يدعيلي انا بجد بمر بظرووف صعبه اوي.😥 دعوه من قلبك ربنا يفرجها عليا و يرزقني من فضله ومن كرمه دعوه 40 غريب مستجابه ان شاءالله وجزاكم الله كل خير ولك مثل الدعوه ياارب

  • 3-1