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1:40Highlights: Southampton 1-0 Liverpool
Highlights: Southampton 1-0 LiverpoolÁhorf 1,7 m.17 dögum síðan
5:00Liverpool FC in 2020 | A year like no other
Liverpool FC in 2020 | A year like no otherÁhorf 174 þ.21 degi síðan síðan
17:28Jürgen Klopp's pre-match press conference | West Brom
3:55Gérard Houllier: In his own words
Gérard Houllier: In his own wordsÁhorf 142 þ.Mánuði síðan
2:08:36LIVE: Liverpool FC Women v Crystal Palace Women
21:35Jürgen Klopp's pre-match press conference | Wolves
16:30Liverpool's Champions League training | Ajax
Liverpool's Champions League training | AjaxÁhorf 148 þ.Mánuði síðan
1:30Liverpool's Goal of the Month result: October
Liverpool's Goal of the Month result: OctoberÁhorf 191 þ.2 mánuðum síðan
2:07AXA Training Centre: A new era begins for LFC
AXA Training Centre: A new era begins for LFCÁhorf 297 þ.2 mánuðum síðan
19:54Jürgen Klopp's pre-match press conference | Man City
2:55Atalanta 0-5 Liverpool: Jürgen Klopp's reaction
Atalanta 0-5 Liverpool: Jürgen Klopp's reactionÁhorf 507 þ.2 mánuðum síðan
19:24Champions League training | Atalanta vs Liverpool
Champions League training | Atalanta vs LiverpoolÁhorf 248 þ.2 mánuðum síðan
43:56Liverpool's Champions League press conference | Atalanta
16:27Jürgen Klopp's pre-match press conference | West Ham


  • yes he is eye catching, but then Liverpool could not score.. so, yes good efforts, but no results.

  • I recall arsenal doing the same when they had a bad run of results trying to pass the ball into the net . Klopp is spot on start shooting maybe keepers would Pam shots onto path of other players for tap ins .just shoot tonight lfc just shoot shoot shoot an let's see if we can get our goal drought to end 🙏🤯

  • i miss this liverpool, now liverpool is terrible,and salah is a catastrophe, What Happened???

  • "you've answered all the questions in your question"

  • Liverpool fans are just a bunch of murdering bin dippers

  • Did Ali take the garlic as the most interesting object at Kirkby?

  • When I watched this 1 year ago it gave me an overwhelming sense of Pride and a huge respect to Manchester United. Are rivalry should be cherished so much history shared between us both. Propper massive clubs.

  • YNWA in reality

  • Another magician in Anfield... what a classy performances, so impressed us all.

  • What a stunning goal from Fabinho 😎😎😎

  • 2 goalkeepers 🤣

  • wow

  • Thiago is not good as coutinho, when cou was in Anfield it was another thing after he left the Anfield he fell down in the floor and he missed the sensation in Barcelona.

  • he looks absolutely drained here, not one smile which is very unusual for klopp. People think oh its burnley we will steamroll them etc when yes on paper it should be 5 nil but the way we have been playing recently against these sides home and away I say we will fail to score yet again because burnley will defend resolute and pope will pull of wondersaves. Its going to be a while till we win again I think because then we have spurs who really should have beat us at anfield and we cannot seem to win an away game to save our lives. My score either 0 0 or a shock win for burnley, I just honestly dont see this being as simple as its made out.

  • i love your videos so much !?

  • There's no greater gift than friendship. Exquisite bros..

  • What liverpool needs right now: 5 subtitutions

  • should replace fimino with minamino

  • im MU fans but this is beautiful from football

  • All on Liverpool now Leicester win united win and city win.

  • you will never walk alone anda never stand alone, cause you always have someone beside you ^_^, you got my respect dude

  • This is soooooo feeeeeeeeelgoooooood! As a Liverpool-supporter since 1975 ...i was only seven years old then....from a farm outside Trondheim Norway...watching beatifull momernts from english football.... on norwegian broadcasting moments was by far from Anfield. And to watch this... its make me so happy and proud, LFC is not only a club - its FAMILY!

  • Klopp looks deflated. The excuses and the comments about playing well but not winning need to stop. It's not good enough, just own it.

  • Keepers fuckong good

  • Come On Liverpool!!🔥❤️

  • Please comeback virg

  • Too bad we can't defend the premiership.. Too many injuries

  • Liverpool μόνο Liverpool για πάντα!!!!!!!!

  • Please feed Thiago Alcantara again, thank you Jurgen

  • Jurgen Klopp, thank you for giving time to play for Thiago Alcantara in the match against Manchester United hopefully what I said yesterday was true Thiago Alcantara predator shot on target please


  • I miss big Virg

  • Body position of our forwards is all wrong at the moment. Too often they receive the ball with backs to goal instead of sideways on which will enable them to take the ball on the run at pace. We must trust in Klopp and these players. We will get there.

  • He miss Lewandowski, bring Haaland to Anfield, or Bring back Coutinho to Anfield, sell Keita+Gini+Chamberlain

  • Türkiye

  • Hello klopp, I have stopped supporting Liverpool and now, I support Man City Because I KNOW THEY WILL WORK HARD[ER] THIS SEASON

  • Buuuuu hep izlerken algalmak istiyommmm

  • Türkmusun sennnn yaaa cvp ver

  • Come on the reds🔥🔴!

  • If Liverpool find a way to win the title from this position, with the injuries to crucial players, that would be even more impressive than last seasons achievements.

  • Strange most of the games he played Liverpool doesn't win.

  • Como lo dejan aser lo que quiere jajaja

  • Hendo as CB is the way of Klopp yo insult our young player such Nat Phillips and Rhys William... Players injuries couldnt be the reason our poor performance. We have more than 11 player in register...

  • Aguante Boca Juniors 💙💛💙

  • Totally makes sence wnat hes saying.. he knew that we would be on the front foot and wouldnt have much defending to do, so it makes sense to have fab and hendo bringin the ball out and creaing or starting attacks rather than having to defend...

  • He deserve a starting lineup each game

  • This needs to be our comeback match. The Liverpool everyone fears.

    • @They Race Me So Hard i guess you've started watching football rn and yet here you are watching press conferences of our team, says alot

    • Nobody fears Liverpool lad! You had one lucky season and now after losing ONE player... you’re back to nothing haha

  • He's the best coach in the world we're just having a lil rough patch iwish people would stop getting on our teams back for that reason. YNWA

  • Losing to burnley 👍👍👍👍

  • He's not fit with liverpool's attack style, I miss the three midfield hendo fabinho gini :(

  • Hermoso video!! Patrimonio de la humanidad.

  • The Premier League is really hard. But Jurgen Klopp knows what is the best for the Team. The King of the Kop.

  • Ayo mana orang indo yg nyari video ini gara"viral di tiktok/ig pen liat full videonya 😂

  • If we player like Bruno, it so solid team like bayern, lol , out firmino, he not good for finishing, he have new creative mifelder , like Bruno,de bruyne, chanonglu,isco, Ramsey, mckennie, barella, countinho, Mueller, reus,Smith Rowe, WE HAVE NEW AMF, PLS, AND BOUHGT FIRMINO TO REAL NO.9😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • Think we all need to chill a bit - sit back and listen to the boss and less of Talk Sport... after all its money for just "Talk".

  • The goals will come. I have faith in the boys. YNWA

  • YNWA


  • Bit weird how they’re tryna push veganism onto people but ok

  • Será que so tem eu de brasileiro aqui

  • He sure says 100% a lot

  • I hope we beat Burnley need a win 😩

  • We all love thiago he’s literally my fave player atm but it’s pointless showing these videos when we drop points its nothing to be proud of

  • eeer.... 0x0 the match '-' uat matters ? n he was a normal player in field -.- ' i cant say " woooow what football art S2 "

  • it's clear from this video he is not even at his best. would be awesome when he gets there

  • Both this team and fans are the greatest

  • Win win

  • Please just win tomorrow,I’ve aged 30 years in the last month. Please.......... YNWA

  • Bruno got bullied 🤣

  • I belieave liverpool can won

  • Please give chance for Nat Phillips or hopefully there is a chance to play the partnered of Nat and Rhys. It is possible to be new good duo of CB.

  • We have opportunities are many

  • Please be aware and careful of Burnley's tricky defensive and dangerous long balls.