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25:31FUT BIRTHDAY PARTY BAG SBC!!! Fifa 21 Pack And Play
26:16GUARANTEED 85+ SBC PACK!!! Fifa 21 Pack And Play
31:13Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown!!! UEL MOTM ORSIC!!!
TWO HUNDRED 81+ PLAYER PICKS FIFA BINGO!!!Áhorf 395 þ.Mánuði síðan
31:04Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown!!! WHAT IF KANTE!!!
35:25Squad Builder Showdown BUT Each Section You Switch Fifas


  • Got nedved 💔

  • Andy is such a cheapskate these days

  • Violated jack in the description

  • Am I the only one taht is watching andys rival have a loan TOTY and can’t for him to be fumin

  • Just me or does figo’s player look like shrek when he turned into a human

  • "West ham are about to get relegated" ok mate 😂😂

  • Shock andys being a sweat again

  • Do a squad builder showdown with TWOSYNC mat or Chris please we’d love to see it

  • Jack12.5%HD in the description 🤣


  • Can’t believe it’s Itami with the stacked club in fifa 15 it’s so different nos

  • Watching this in 2021 during COVID is bants

  • Andy doesn’t even have a whiteboard the fraud

  • Dun who?

  • its been a 7 years of Andy calling Itani a cheat XD

  • Who is here in 2021 watching Andy’s old vids

  • Jack: road to the final Brandt FIFA: Oh shit! Here he goes it again!

  • this dosent make sense andys whole is 954 rated but jacks is 952 but has 1 star more

  • How is it a discard putting him in a 86 rated squad

  • Watching this now and thinking if they actually waited for fifa 22 they’d be missing half their teams

  • 8:32 Andy really forgot that he had already guessed his formation 😭😭😭


  • 0:18 is that a voice crack lol

  • 10:07 iniesta

  • seen evvry SBSD on this channel since 2018 and its never gets old andy KEEP UP the good work👌👌👌👌

  • promes off chem

  • CEO of long intros

  • SBSD on Dallas??

  • Utan

  • Andy “ u have a stinky squad” Also Andy*has a 74 pace cb and a shit Cm*

  • SBSD is the best series on YT

  • Andy's defence being 85, 86, 87 and 88 was really satisfying

  • It’s better when you start from back

  • Isnt SBSD supposed to be a hybrid team?

  • Pele is the best soccer player of all time

    • Opinion is automatically invalid because you call it soccer

  • Imagine flexing prime Figo when it’s mid Figo 😂

  • Quick poll thumbs up or thumbs down if you think Andy did neres

  • Im hungry, help me

  • Imagine having the super league and linking all the top players

  • No one: Absolutely no one: Jack: Gonna go for a bit of ______

  • that intro was long than trents name ngl

  • @jack stop ✋ cheating

  • Andy still using the trainer in April the snake 😂

  • Last time i was this earlier ISchats Worked Better

  • Jack you disgrace not using a whiteboard

  • My favorite SBSD duo! Always love a collab between you and Jack! Top class video, Andy! Keep up the amazing work!

  • Oakley is literally the least enjoyable guest you have on

  • I feel like the whole getting ur links settled before the last round gets old. Everyone does it now and just makes it impossible to ever guess much lol.

  • 0:30

  • I know its all jokes, but you can sense the passive aggressiveness between em in this video 😂, the whole stinky squads segment. I love it

  • Leeds vs Greeds

  • I can't believe he didn't say figo, so so so obvious

  • He stops waffling and opens the pack at 6:05

  • He’s gets van de sar SPOILLLLLERRRRR

  • Bring it back Andy

  • I actually go to sleep watching old sbsd videos every night

  • love this series❤️💯

  • Note the intro lasted for 5 minutes+

  • When jack choose those fall backs had to clean my screen thought that was itani

  • 24:23 funneled it with no power he says puts a whole 3 bars

  • I got van der sar too and my reaction was the exact same 👍🏻

  • 6:06 he actually opens the icon pack

  • Who is better jack or oakelfish🤔🤔??

  • Gotta do that squad builder showdown not using anyone going into the European super League 😂

  • How do you think FIFA 21 Will be with The super League

  • anyone else notice how Gabriel Jesus scored at exactly the 33 minute and 33 second of the bloody game?

  • 6 minuten untill je finaly starts that's way to long

  • You should always pick trios like all midfielders, picking randomly for discards rarely works

  • What a rat

  • Andy, I don’t even play fifa anymore but I watch sbsd when I have dinner after I get back from work. Keep up the good work!

  • Not that it matters, but it isnt prime Figo

  • Such a dead icon

  • Don’t lie Harry made you discard millions

  • Nasty

  • Showdown tolisso would have been a perfect link for every1 instaed of mid mattheus

  • I did this sbc and got lundrop pray for me

  • You should put a chalk board or a white board at the background and put the number of that sbsd

  • 7 years!!, im 17 now crazy to think i been watching this since i was 10 years old

  • Is this the last SBSD before TOTS?

  • Quadruple