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2:34Coronavirus cases surging across the country
3:09Rule change for final presidential debate
Rule change for final presidential debateÁhorf 25 þ.2 dögum síðan
6:12Campaigns court Florida’s Puerto Rican vote
4:32Race for president becomes sprint to the finish
4:39Travelers return to paradise in Hawaii | ABC News
6:26Wildfires continue to burn in the West
Wildfires continue to burn in the WestÁhorf 9 þ.6 dögum síðan
8:18How Joe Biden did on ABC News' town hall
How Joe Biden did on ABC News' town hallÁhorf 181 þ.7 dögum síðan
6:26Key moments from ABC News town hall with Joe Biden
4:00Spotlight on early voting in NC
Spotlight on early voting in NCÁhorf 75 þ.7 dögum síðan
2:02Early voters sound off about long lines
Early voters sound off about long linesÁhorf 62 þ.7 dögum síðan
1:20Mystery jetpack flier strikes again
Mystery jetpack flier strikes againÁhorf 79 þ.7 dögum síðan
2:26COVID-19 cases rising
COVID-19 cases risingÁhorf 348 þ.7 dögum síðan
4:34Vaccine Watch: 1st trials with children begin
4:49Americans head to Gibraltar to marry
Americans head to Gibraltar to marryÁhorf 15 þ.8 dögum síðan
6:03SCOTUS confirmation hearings: Day 3 highlights
2:18Kraft backtracking after "send noods" ad
Kraft backtracking after "send noods" adÁhorf 35 þ.8 dögum síðan
2:36Another major coronavirus drug trial put on hold
6:48Voting in 2020 during COVID-19 l ABC News
Voting in 2020 during COVID-19 l ABC NewsÁhorf 27 þ.8 dögum síðan


  • Snub Granneh.

  • DOJ is going to make so much money off this.

  • hate isn't just one side it's on ALL side's heck i've seen more hate coming from blacks then anything just give up the hate and just be nice to each other

  • Google is great tho lol


  • QUARANTINE had got me watching this !!

  • What a shocker..

  • #bidencrimefamily

  • I like Google

  • Silver Iodide (AgI) symptoms --> coronavirus symptoms Watch this in 2 minute

  • Trump supporters aren’t the silent majority now libertarians are the real silent majority

  • Meh, Google has more money than the justice department, that's all you need to win in court.

  • Yeah. Samsung A715g cant delete google apps all the way lol. I remember apple had to remove their featured apps from being locked a few years back.

  • I searched for refrigerator info in Google and now I see refrigerator add everywhere from ISchats, Facebook. WTF is going on?

  • Google does not imposed itself on us... We use google because they provide us with better Services... Google Search, Maps, Earth Drive etc they are the best in the world

  • Winter is Coming for Big Tech. Election interference is a crime, and some snow flakes are gonna get to become sock puppets when they go to prison.

  • Stay safe everyone and vote.

  • Sue Facebook next for making people use their Oculus Quest 2 to gather data information by making you sign into the headset to use the console. Allot of people are getting banned for no reason by spending 300.00/$400.00 on this VR Device. It's a cool headset but no one should be able to be forced to be signed into Facebook to use the product. Who knows what they're doing with your personal info. Facebook and Google spies on you and steals your info with out permission. Read Facebook's ToS. This seriously needs to get looked into.

  • Odds for the election currently is Biden1.62 x Trump 2.35. If I wasn't a betting coward, I would bet the house on a Biden win.

  • I would die to keep my wife alive, not ditching her like some Friday Night whore if she became sick.

  • Really disgusting, his bosses just want him to chill and watch someone die...

  • Even Satan is scared.

  • Hm

  • Is it bad that I use google?

  • 350 million for Biden democrats this month .... now he owes favors to ? China ? Google ? Facebook ? Who else gives millions to his campaign ?

  • They are all controlled by China.

  • Amazing how they seem to have body cam footage of them in the home, getting shot, and arresting Kenneth but for some reason nothing showing them knocking or announcing their presence.

  • File against fakebook any titter I❤️google

  • I've never been this confused

  • I love Google! Leave it alone.

  • Dont be evil Google

  • With the censorship of the hunter Biden story of him with minors and all the crimes of the Biden family,they should go after all these guys. They all are violating free speech and interfering with the election by hiding and blocking things and people.

  • This cop is the reason why we need to defund the police. This man can't change. There is no fixing him.

  • Federal govt arrest the APPRAISER and any others who are part of this vile insurance coverage..etc. N. O. W. This is a SYSTEMIC DISGRACE and federal courts who allow this and to everyone who doesn't write the President to STOP this. CC: white house attorneys.

  • Where's Siri oh yeah it she's powered by Google

  • we had this with my grandmother, it was so hot the oil had run out of the grave lift , so the casket fell in with a loud bang, nothing to be was a shock but that was all, the casket was still closed but I will never forget that Thump sound

  • Yep DOJ this the most pressing issuse of the times!?!? FOH "Fred" Bar!

  • If you know good you must know evil. Animals dont know neither. Thats what makes us humans.

  • Hunter Biden speaking about Unethical. pfff even his teeth look fake.

  • This is ridiculous. Google does what they do better then anyone else. Not even a distant 2nd

  • he's gonna get assassinated one day lmfao I don't know if he's dead or not I searched it up seems like he's not

  • Black women get more Black Men KILLED More then ANYBODY, so I don't see the point in women actually thinking they deserve protection

  • Given that google BANS their competition, this was a long time coming.

  • Macron will win the elections. Good game indeed 👌

  • Dumb bitch. You play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.

  • Like love it happens naturally ocean spray

  • Long awaited ass beating

  • Imagine going to Wal-Mart while in corona time. and she's just behind ya in the line

  • Trump and principles, together? What the heck are they putting in the Pennsylvania water, peyote?

  • Good, sick of all this worthless censorship.

  • Google's over party

  • Flimsy laws there are plenty of ways to tackle tech giants. America is missing plenty of laws for google, ISchats, yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and Apple even Microsoft. How did this happen? The case against the Amy proves it. Shows how dumb some of these justices are!!! All companies should have laws to follow. Oh wait they are operating in Space we can't make laws for them 😂😂😂 You reap what you sow. Been looking at it for a long time. Am like if these companies cross the line there is no jurisdiction for them IT WON'T WORK!!! previous administration make sure of it. 8 years of negligence Kaleigh McEnany it won't work

  • I wish I had a teacher like her back in the day ,I would have been hanging out the back of her on the daily.

  • Dan Abrams is an idiot and he is not even an ATTORNEY... Corrupt Mainstream Media twits!

  • Damn so no more por hub or xvideos anymore, I’m sorry jade kush and Jada Stevens.

  • this sure as hell has got all the democrat pansies riled up, anyone seen those recent emails someone leaked on twitter about biden lmfao

  • i think her boss wan't save people life...

  • I just got out of Facebook jail,wow the world has changed

  • Google hides this type of article from you, and who they support should worry everyone capable of thinking logically.

  • 2:12 LOL - remote training field - LOL its called a gun range dipshit and its remote for safety reasons. 3:10 showed up on front lawn with automatic rifles huh - how did you know they were automatic? 4:04 and what the hell is BLM and ANTIFA when they burn buildings, police cars, and cause violence? Oh BTW, being armed is a constitutional right in case you forgot! 4:14 again how did you know they were automatic?...please do tell... cause they're black, cause they have a barrel shroud thingy, cause they have a big clip? LOL. Gotta' love how ABC dramatizes their stories to gain viewers... POS news. FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS. Militia = Patriots who value the constitution that liberals forgot existed.

  • Some people really hate sales tax


  • Literally to the 1% who’s reading this, God bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day❤️

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  • Title: The most American man in the world...

  • No wonder he is underground...tens times worse when he explains himself.

  • I still get all my info from Jeeves

  • For me it's about principles 🤯now Trump that's how you do sarcasm

  • he looks so good my gosh

  • huh, there are also people here who was sent here by their module

  • What the hell you think kid's do that did you think the innocent kid's they go to school imagin the real killer is free the poor kid's and jail and why they have many killer in you're country

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  • Protestors: Black lives matter Also protestors: Assaults black people

  • I'm ashamed you had to go through that. BANKS must be involved? Why just appraisers? Realtors/ Escrow / Attorney accept this. ? FEDERAL discrimination IS EVERYBODY'S problem.


  • And how much you want to bet ain't nobody going to jail for none of them they going to make a trillionaire company pay a healthy fine and a slap on the wrist so in the grand scheme of things what can we do but say who cares

  • John McWhorter - on what every American knows but is too afraid to say out loud. Free your mind and your [email protected]@ will follow.

  • It will come out she had something to do with it