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5:03Zlatan needs to GROW UP! | Aaron West | UCL on CBS Sports
Zlatan needs to GROW UP! | Aaron West | UCL on CBS SportsÁhorf 3,9 þ.18 klukkustundum síðan
8:47Europa League Round Of 16 Draw Preview | UCL on CBS Sports
2:10:35Atletico Madrid vs. Chelsea Watchalong
Atletico Madrid vs. Chelsea WatchalongÁhorf 14 þ.18 klukkustundum síðan


  • Thank you. He’s been hella annoying n not funny since his last season at LA Galaxy

  • I’m confused they scored more goals

  • :):):) 1:49 - нападающий двоим - и защитнику, и вратарю - красиво между ног "очко" пробил!. :):):) Класс.

  • LMAO, the like to dislike ratio. Let get it to 20K dislikes my dudes! That's the way Zlatan would want it.

  • zlatan does need to grow up, and the hordes of children here defending him and saying "zlatan does what he wants" just proves the point because only children do whatever they want without caring about responsibilities or consequences additionally, its funny how many people are crying that lebron supports cancel culture, while simulataneously calling for the people in this video to be cancelled. and its also funny how many people are saying that people should stick to what they're good at, and lebron shouldnt talk about politics. yet i doubt any of the people commenting are politicians, or athletes, so shouldnt you not be allowed to have an opinion then either? the hypocrisy is staggering.

  • nice

  • Ziyech and havertz need more playing time 🤦‍♂️

  • Who’s Aaron West ???

  • were going to overlook a lot of things so my argument makes sense...? interesting way to convince people of your points. smdh

  • I completely agree!! Zlatan needs to grow up. His comments were ignorant and hypocritical!!!

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  • My brother was telling me that he thinks Zlatan did this to get the attention away from the decrease in form from Milan. Losing 3-0 to Inter and losing their 1st place in the league.

  • United is just better. No zlatan no party for Milan

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  • His personality IS Zlatan lol. Maybe you can learn from the God himself @aaron West lol

  • Goal #89 I watched live in a pupuseria and it blew my mind completly

  • yeah.. 😃 I agree with the lady, because this sport always needs someone who entertain the fans, trash talking is the culture of sport, nothing wrong with that and i think it is very cool 👌🏾👌🏾🤷🏾‍♂️😊, of course Ibra is crazy, he still can deliver though 🤷🏾‍♂️👌🏾

  • Who is Aaron West are you related to Kanye West?

  • Zlatan doesn’t grow up! He grows in all directions.

  • Coming from the guy that has his jerseys and other garb being held on by thumb tacks and this other guy in his closet with the only two soccer jerseys he has!!! 🤣🤣

  • Who is this fool? Hey mate you need to grow up. Stop trying to be a KSI wannabe.

  • Barça's defense is a joke

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  • Barca subs acting like they would have changed the game lol

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  • Why is CBS posting this? by mistake? Massive disrespect for a player that won almost every top league

  • Get these people off of my feed or I unsub!!!

  • Messi sucks now lol 😆 😂

  • After such B.S. i will unsubscribe ....

  • Barcelona makes there play wrong

  • Wow. Who is this lame guy. Who are these people??

  • Ajax would be dumb to let Brobbey go. He is strong and reads the front line so well.

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  • The like to dislike ratio does put a smile on my face

  • CBS this is trash.

  • I wonder which is his favorite.

  • I am an Arsenal fan, and I am glad Unai has found joy and success

  • How dare someone have a differing view than you

  • Dang, I subscribed this channels to see any missing UCL highlights from other games I missed. But now the channel wants to down cool personalities in football like Zlatan, well might as well unsubscribe

    • I didn't even care for these people I just want to watch the highlights of the games I missed and leave

    • Fr

    • Exactly

  • He’s not wrong, the title doesn’t say “in order”

  • These American fans do not know wtf is going on.

  • This is like blowing elite 1 or 30-0 to a Random 😭😭😂

  • Lebron is a human rights activist until China tells him to bend over

  • RIP rttf bebou

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  • This reminds me of my conversations when I was in 1st grade with my friends

  • These guys are just clueless

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  • And who is this clown??

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  • LeChina Communist James

  • I’m getting tired of him too

    • No one cares for your opinion, Zlatan is bigger than your whole generation

  • If he talks people will watch, same with McGregor in the UFC. It’s entertainment, get over it. The fact that you’re talking about it further shows the success and the effectiveness of his behavior especially if this still lives in your heads as he’s turns 40.

  • 10 minutes worth. Amazing.

  • Fuera gattuso.!!!

  • Leicester haven’t learned their lesson since 4 years ago, pace merchants won’t bring you far in Europe

  • These guy's can't say a sentence without saying "like" multiple times . I thought only Women did that ?

  • Ngl clapped coming from AC Milan fan. With the form we are in I don’t know what the result will be

    • @stwx our goal isn’t to win the scudetto, we want champions league and an underrated team. Our whole project is to be this young but good teams like Leipzig and Monaco(buy unknown players and turn them into stars)

    • Such a shame what happened to Milan. I really hoped AC would win the scudetto since they're my 2and favorite team but looks Inter are gonna run away with it

  • Garbage segment. Zlatan is right. Politics are divisive in the realm of sports entertainment. Know your audience. Stay in your lane or be ready for the repercussions.

    • I love Zlatan as a player but he's wrong, and so are you. Just because Lebron is an athlete doesn't mean he shouldn't talk about politics even though politics are divisive in sports. Politics are divisive in any realm. That's like telling a midwestern mom that works at a restaurant to not talk about politics and to "stay in her lane". Everyone should feel free to voice their political opinions even if you're an athlete, a celebrity, a farmer, or someone who simply flips burgers.

  • What a Three ignoramus group

  • Ibra is right. I don’t want to hear that bs anymore. I stopped watching the nba bc of it. I watch sports to watch sports.

    • Bcuz the BLM in NBA? It seems like Zlatan the Great dissed puppet LB, just as you diss puppet nba, ironic

  • This guy is stupid like not funny

  • Yo I’m not trying to hate on this guy in all but. This guy is just hating and trying to make something up. I mean like dude you should grow up. That other guy with the Man U Jersey “he should just quit he sucks bro”. Bruh and take your religious jeans and go I mean. This guy is just trying to be cocky and just won’t shut up when he is talking. In the middle of that girls sentence he was just octopus ha octopus ha. Like dude nobody cares. In my opinion I think Zlatan is really cool. Reply your thoughts.

  • Come on y'all, you can't down talk Zlatan. The dude is a legend.

  • Bro Zlatan Just likes joking it’s part of his personality

  • Zlatan does what he wants And Zlatan will always do what Zlatan wants 0:58 "talking about covid" Nameless needs to stick to sports

  • 💀, You can't tell Zlatan, a lighthearted guy that is a legend in football today, to grow up. That just makes you look stupid. Come on CBS, what were you thinking before uploading this?

    • Tv is projecting cancel culture He's a propagandist puppet

  • The Champions league is now politics w. a one sided opinion GREEEATT! 🙄 Everyone is allowed to have a voice, period.

  • The disrespect to zlatan ....

  • Ageism is a bad thing too. Maybe you should take your own advise.

    • Ageism is racist

  • Who agreed to the editing of this video my god its like playing whack a mole

  • Zlatan when somebody tells him that Aaron West says he needs to grow up: “Who?”

    • Fr . I don’t even know that dude

    • Indeed. Couldn't go 1 min before pandering

  • Omg zlatan doesnt think like me... He needs to grow up. Im so sick of these clowns being victims but putting down one of TBD greatest ever lol

  • You’ll be hearing from Zlatan’s lawyers

  • I’m not saying that it would have changed the game but the third goal was offside and I don’t know how that’s wasn’t ruled out

  • Idk why, But seeing Otamendi and Vertonghen playing together seems really weird.

  • You fake medias and big techs are the one need to grow up! You can NOT censor people’s voice and free speech! Get lost now or people will use their money to vote/unsubscribe y’all!

  • Who are these clowns

  • Zlatan wouldnt say that shit if he was in LA. No one gives a damn about him in North America