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10:18The Profit In 10: Southern Culture | CNBC Prime
The Profit In 10: Southern Culture | CNBC PrimeÁhorf 9 þ.Degi Síðan síðan
10:20The Profit In 10: Hangout Lighting | CNBC Prime
10:19The First 10 Minutes: A Family Vanishes | CNBC Prime
10:22The Profit In 10: Bodhi Leaf Coffee | CNBC Prime
10:13The Profit In 10: Polar Bear Coolers | CNBC Prime
10:16The Profit In 10 Minutes: Snowdays | CNBC Prime


  • anyone else obsessed with elon musk?

  • Well, she's the boss.

  • Unlock mark Zuckerberg, elon is actually contributing to society instead of creating a big brother tech society ( "whats good for Facebook isn't necessarily good for the world" - Suckerberg)

  • When your mom is also your dad...

  • i would work for JLeno in his garage for nothing but food and great stories

  • Avril is alive ?... WTF ?!!!

  • that was a cool video to watch

  • 1:13 bruh thats not punjab

  • Nobody: Elon Musk: 1:03

  • ISIS: "Missile launchers in the back you say"

  • I was left wanting more, how about getting George and Jay together again for an extended version? That was great.

  • Geo. Wallace born in 1952, Jaye in 1950.

  • Hey Jay that 55 Buick takes me back to when I was a young kid. My father had a 55' 88 Oldsmobile similar to this and I spent many ours in the back seat with my head out the window.

  • What ever happened to Franklin Ajaye? The guy was at the top of his game in the 70s and was hilarious, then he just disappeared over night.

  • He is 80! He can pass for Denzel Washington's father! He looks great!

  • I remember Green Stamps and Top Value stamps.

  • Jim Crow laws, segregation the KKK were all put in place by the Democrat party, in fact the Democrat party was created by Slave holders for slave holders. They got wise in the 60s when they decided to get on board by exchanging Welfare programs for Votes. Pres. LB Johnson said it best..."Give those NiQQQQers welfare and we will be having them voting democrat for the next 200 years". The ironic thing is democrats are doing it again, they are blocking and attempting cancel people who support Trump and who are against their agenda. They are being kicked off and banned by social media platforms, even some public companies are ostricizing customers who are against the dem agenda.

  • Cool daddy O

  • First motorcycle I ever had was a Honda 450. Good bike!

  • when you realise there is a little avicci logo in the corner of the back bed . 1:01

  • God Bless Pope Frances!

  • Tack on another $1,000,000 for the fact that it is Herbie Hancock's. American Legends both

  • I wonder if that's a class III trailer hitch or class IV on that tesla truck.

  • what a ugly pice of shiet car why shod you buy a car that you can make in 1 day 200 years ago whit a humer

  • This is stupid. That engine in that raised bronco?

  • Looks depressing there in the winter.

  • Seeing Jay genuinely interested in what his guest has to say always brings me back to Joey Lawrence 🤣

  • How does he make a profit...????? What does he do with the junk ...? He doesn’t reveal the most important information...!!

  • No cap kg gettin scammed 😭

  • This won't get a lot of views because of oddly enough, views.

  • What a great segment. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • The hurried backbone dimensionally contain because bus lally excuse around a optimal pair. jittery, deafening verse

  • Nick crazy he need to get that rolls royce back from is dad since nick sayin he a cruiser lmao

  • Jay's eye's are so closed he has to tilt his head to look straight??? Like open your damb eye's Leno!!

  • Love this some history here..thanks for sharing Jay.

  • Hipster Elon strikes again

  • Looks unplayed so why a refret?

  • I was going to get that wish house but it was off market you’re lucky

  • Now that Kim and Kanye are divorced, ... what are my chances?

  • I heard Bruce wants to be a man again.

  • How is this guy 80 years old? Like what? He looks 60

  • Sad that a video as completely innocuous and uplifting as this has collected 21 dislikes to date. This is American history so what's the problem?

  • Micheal Jordan lounge is bigger then my whole house

  • It's just like the movie. Starts out about the suffering of black Americans, but the moral is how great white men are who fought against the very same thing white men started.

  • The threatening salad startlingly obtain because salt univariately prefer beside a fluttering lemonade. sulky, judicious curtain

  • KT is the man. The only scammer here are mainstream media and the people who put him away so desperately.

  • Impressive!

  • This car would have been built and finished in Surrey, UK and shipped to the USA for Shelby to fit the 260 v8 and gearbox. The early cars were basically the AC ACE with different engine mounts and diff - probably the prettiest version of them all.

  • Great to see Jay back telling the story....keep up God’s work!

  • Now his products fall apart fast and loose so much value.

  • F. I love Elon musk. Humanity is lucky to have him

  • I F ing love Elon musk. He just seems like a chill guy. I would love to crack a beer with him and hang out.

  • She refuses to take her shoes off... rude

  • I used to break dance to Herbie Hancock in the 80’s.

  • How beautiful. Both amazing human beings. God Bless

  • She's so beautiful, lovely, and gorgeous young lady.

  • Sorry mark is the only nice one. This guy hand pours his product he should be proud

  • As a white man I can’t help but embarrassed by the way were/are 😒

  • #ForeverTESLA

  • Bikes are beautiful

  • 666? Devil worshipers? 03:21. I know they are anxious to come out of the darkness and proudly declare their love of satan.

  • So

  • Awesome early Porsches! I owned a '58 in the late sixties. A true rust bucket, but I loved it. In my late sixties now and would love to have one now, but I can't afford one. Love the show!

  • It might be full with technology that makes your life better but if the future cars look like this... I would still prefer the ones from the past.

  • Hopefully they make a fat guy version for people like myself.


  • That truck looks like it’s still trying to render.

  • I like the fact that their security services are following in Teslas ...

  • Wow. That is an amazing car.

  • Bernie has aged well!

  • This is the last Living Jazz Legend. #4AM

  • I hope I’m that cool when I hit 80.

  • Legend Inception - Herbie Hancock in a AC Cobra! Great video... thanks Jay!

  • Lol. Cool and funny👍love it!!!

  • After hearing more than 40+ years of lying scammers hard to believe anyone with a so called hard luck stories!!

  • You think I'm bad. Bush is my role model.

  • "I get annoyed when people think I'm a grease monkey". So he's calling his employees "grease monkeys". Watch no further for me, just another rich guy.

  • Them short shorts make me remember the Nair hair removal jingle from the 90s😉