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8:19Everything Eric Andre Does In A Day | Vanity Fair
11:40Lilly Singh Takes A Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair
10:01Everything Questlove Does In A Day | Vanity Fair
Everything Questlove Does In A Day | Vanity FairÁhorf 193 þ.4 mánuðum síðan
24:56The Try Guys Take a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair
11:00BTS Breaks Down Their Music Career | Vanity Fair
BTS Breaks Down Their Music Career | Vanity FairÁhorf 2,2 m.4 mánuðum síðan


  • Give us an update!!!!

  • 7:58 tics?

  • Cant believe this is larusso

  • Cant believe this is larusso

  • She talks like a mature person now

  • Roman reviewing wrestling ????He only has like 4 moves! get someone who can!

  • Did he said dr stone

  • Honestly, Taika is very goofy but under the act, he is very very wise. Start laughing at the monster and suddenly it is not so scary, it has lost all of its power

  • This accent is so interesting, kind of a mix of irish and scottish (because of the rolled R's). Makes sense given the geographic location i guess?

  • You have a fairy name:).

  • welp i’ve been pronouncing his last name wrong

  • So that's why I was so into her voice in The Good Place! She's the one who played Anna in Frozen!! OMG♥

  • This makes me so angry. The fact that people are STILL profiting off of her and we don't even know who these people are, whether they came into possession of these personal items by legal means, and they clearly have no respect for the legacy and memory of the woman. The just thing to do would be to give these items to a museum, a historical society, some entity or person who is interested in preserving her memory with respect and making her legacy accessable to those who still love and admire the human being and the life behind the illusion.

  • When does reality become reality?

  • the silence was so loud when the lady started yelling😭

  • I want the screw , I’m the special girl

  • Joel! Go back to bedhead!

  • Why is the music so creepy and yes the guy's voice

  • A pecasso

  • This is the only "Review" videos I find Legit, because he is an actual Astronaut, and he had also spent some time in ISS, so he definitely knows these stuffs, ISS is currently the limit of Mankind's Space Exploration

  • Colin's question are low-key racist...

  • 4:29 WOAHH CHARLIE IN THE MCU?? dope

  • Did she do this in 2021

  • ....Who said that italians love to gesticulate????😂

  • Willem Dafoe likes to help people make good movies. That alone makes him different than the rest!

  • Oh...I would like to be Henry's's there, well cutted, quite elegant, on his great torso but it can't hide his body...😋😋😋😋 I'm in love with that man...

  • I turned Gravity off pretty early on because of how annoying Sandra Bullocks character was. It’s a spectacle for sure, but they should never have sent someone so incompetent into space. George Clooney’s character may as well have been her babysitter, and I can only watch someone scream and fail for so long before I lose sympathy. I remember wishing she had died instead and by that point the movie is just frustrating

  • no entendi ni madres pero yo tmb te amo😭☝️

  • Conan and Jimmy!

  • Wish he spoke more about Leftovers! Greatest show I've ever seen!

  • 5:05 brokeback hmm? Could you repeat that please, Sacha Baron Cohen? I think i misheard something OuO

    • mmm what body wash i think is the question

    • what cologne does he wear?

  • Offended because the movie is not realistic. Well im not paying to see a documentary. I mean, why you critique so much like its not movie for entertainment ? Its call imagination. Why make boring ultimate realistic (documentary) movie that you hope and put it in cinema.

  • #ReleasetheTherouxCut

  • Trash

  • Vibranium can survive a black hole

  • Mgk looked real sus

  • why were they so aggressive in the beginning pls

  • I am thuccc

  • The walk Joseph Gordon Levitt

  • That Viking guy in black make the other two look like his creepy uncles.

  • Hannibal went full on seagull mode😂 1:39

  • She. Is. Amazing. 🤣🤣🙌🙌


  • VAMP-MGS 🖤🤘🏼

  • The best

  • Unpopular opinion: The dub is better than the sub

  • 6:09 RIP reply button he looks so cute here

  • Iconic.

  • We need the 2021

  • 1st: Can we please officially change ALL these dumb words to Nick’s meanings? (Yas I said “dumb” I’m a millennial myself and I honestly can’t stand reading these words. 2nd. What’s with her meaning of “bae”? “Before anyone else”? I like it, but me and everyone always thought it was just a lazy/new way of writing “Babe” 3rd: never heard of “Turnt” though


  • "European slang"

  • He's savvy about physics along with acting skills which enable him to answer fake questions with an air of authority. Shame it took me 40years to realise the truth. 😥

  • Oh lord

  • I think Chris is the best of the Actornoughts to act on the green screen of the I.S.S. I don't say this happily, as astronomy and space flight were my first interests. It wasn't until I looked on ISchats at the fakery of fish eyed lenses, green screens, harnesses and actornoughts answering questions ahead of the supposed time delay.😢

  • What a lovely young woman♥️ Wellspoken, reflective and bright. A light in the darkness.

  • So ash is a woman

  • Don Cheadle: "Rhodey has gone through a lot of changes." I am like "including the actor"

  • shes matured so much i love her

  • She has good positive vibes, such as good eating habits and positive attitudes


  • I'm a little confused about what he said in regards to Sandra Bullock being flung away after she unstraps herself. She was attached to something that was tumbling around and around, creating a centrifugal force. Once she unstraps herself, why would it be incorrect for her to get flung outwards in the direction of that centrifugal force?

  • bye that’s literally their kids

  • It’s STFU Friday!… “I want my lawyer”.. that is all

  • Chris Hadfield is so incredibly cool and smart, it just hurts.

  • cute

  • 7:01 man I hate this lady

  • elmo and abby being a comedic duo tho

  • i come back to this video every 4 weeks

  • love you matthew

  • Good look on the history, RZA! Much love guy.👊🏾

  • Love British people so much.

  • Bruh why is everyones hair so dry

  • Ron Swanson has mixed feelings

  • 0:25 the awkward stand is everything

  • The 10% Bitcoin thingy reminds me what I have missed out! Burn 🔥

  • pete at 5:45 is pete at his peak

  • who else is here because school made u watch this

  • He just looks super confused the entire time