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1:33How To: Change your Advertising Settings | T-Mobile
How To: Change your Advertising Settings | T-MobileÁhorf 63719 klukkustundum síðan
34:44AMA with Des \u0026 Susana! | Tech Tuesdays Ep. 19 | T-Mobile
1:09Video Calling Santa for Christmas | T-Mobile
Video Calling Santa for Christmas | T-MobileÁhorf 4,2 þ.2 mánuðum síðan
0:31America’s Largest 5G Network | T-Mobile
America’s Largest 5G Network | T-MobileÁhorf 15 þ.2 mánuðum síðan
0:33LeJuan James Holiday Family Photo | T-Mobile
LeJuan James Holiday Family Photo | T-MobileÁhorf 5 þ.2 mánuðum síðan


  • It's not working

  • How much you talked about the phone but how much thank you

  • I just switched to Tmobile yesterday. I chose the $40 prepaid unlimited plan, and the Pixel 4a 5G phone which was $500 when I placed my order. Today, I noticed the phone is now $350 with any plan $40 or more. I called customer service, and they credited my account $150. Smart move, Tmobile. Great first impression. I've never received this kind of courtesy from a cell provider, before. This is how you should treat your customers. I'm happy to be part of the Tmobile family.

  • I have the phone and for some reason sometimes it lags a lot

  • What happens if u forgot ur Apple ID password

  • I wish this guy was still CEO.


  • just another 2020 s20 ultra failure s21 ultra, same camera zoom and auto focus issue if you have the snap dragon chip version t mobile sells and samsung??? no more sd card slot, no charger, no head set and 40 bucks for a s pen???? loose loose not a win win baldy fake t mobile dude

  • It’s quite, too quite

  • Here we have this awesome box and it and awesome phone with other awesome stuff

  • I have to use this for a meme. I just have to. sorry :)

    • At least send it over so we can all laugh :D

  • Tt was so funny..... nailed it

  • great commercial

  • bill nye my man

  • Just switched to tmobile, and my 5g phone arrives tomorrow. They claim to have 5g coverage in my tiny rural Wisconsin town. We'll see how honest they are.

  • Just bought it let's go

    • Yes! Congratulations and we hope you enjoy it a lot

  • I had 5g driving thru the Rocking mountains in Tennessee

  • best ad of this super bowl. t-mobile struck gold... as did tampa bay.

  • Great! I love how they changed it from Florida to Tampa Bay. Some Dolphin fans weren’t happy 😆

  • I'm trying to set up autopay. And I keep getting this video. Ye gads.

  • You have bad service man as soon as my few days left on your service I'm dropping out of it you are full of 💩

  • Thank you so much❤

  • Doesnt work

  • t-mobile more likely to cause this than fix it

  • *I really appreciate @legenthackes on IG who helped me recover my working files after I lost almost all the files thanks so much you're the best*

  • what if it doesnt pop up?

  • The dropdown menu doesn't go beyond BatteryInformation, instead I have software update, Reset and Contact us, please assist

  • Why can’t we have more commercials like this

  • Can you bundle this with cellphone, and the 5G tower? I will be curious to see. I will also be curious to see if content providers increase fees. Can TMobile make a bid for the NFL Sunday ticket when the deal with directv expires. Just a few interesting questions on the horizon. Nice job T-Mobile on the interface.

  • This ad aged like fine wine.

  • Jesus loves you and wants a relationship with you. He's always there to meet you half way ❤️

  • Im in indonesia and my phone number is long i cant verify Pls fix that

  • will we ever be getting the Google Pixel 5???????

  • I have the moto play tmobile

  • I want one of those mug milwaukee wi

  • I wish I would get 100gb from 50 gb limit on T-Mobile one plan I shouldn’t have to be forced to go to newer more expensive plan to get additional limits

  • Any news on the Note 21?

  • Why is T-mobile coverage is so terrible?

    • Sprint service is horrible

    • When I recently had it if I wasn't in the city it dropped and i was always left with no signal when my friends and family with at&t and Verizon always has a solid connection. I was using a factory unlocked galaxy s20 5G. Now that i have swapped to Verizon i have great coverage again. 👍

    • Depends where u live or ur phone

  • I’m from warren michigan

  • My ferst iphone

  • What is the difference between iPhone se2020 @the new one

  • What is the difference between sprint n tmoble

  • You need help Lina lucasjoggle tech at ig is just the best.

  • i love T-mobile lol i had verizon where i lived for 2 years switched to tmobile cus verizon was very very slow and tmobile not only gave me better coverage in that aera but way faster too so then i took a verion phone and tmobile phone drove all around michigan most of the time T-Mobile had better service lol once in a while verizon would have better service but neither carrier acturally lost service both always had at least 1 bar of 4g lol ive been with tmobile 2 years almost 3 now lol

  • Metro PCS in metro by T-Mobile wow 6 years

  • I guess it is that easy.

  • "Wait until they see what's next" If all you morons only knew.

  • TMobileCarmelaycura

  • Thanks this helped!!!

  • The soft robin ordinarily compare because rake frequently harass between a boring oak. ritzy, abject segment

  • My device says no internet connection after i put the sim

    • @lorena ordaz yeah, i had to go back to T-mobile i guess they set it on a wrong plan.

    • Did it work

  • The dazzling suit cytologically brake because moustache potentially grip anenst a wistful shingle. gifted, laughable honey

  • "You need a ride home?" Her face 0:55 ! Yeah, who knew ... a perfect match 💞

  • 👍 yes t-mobile 🎸

  • Can you use it with an S-pen

  • Tom should have a mcmansion, pigeon toes, and an injured shoulder. The dude needs a nerfing

  • Pero venden puros teléfonos bien chafas

  • I feel like Tom Brady took being called soft personally even tho it’s a commercial

  • Lady Gaga?

    • Awesome i get 2k ca$h 𝐇𝐃𝐑𝐎𝐙𝐀.𝐈𝐍𝐅𝐎

  • Wth como es que tiene tantas visitas?

  • And this is why Farmers Only doesn't air ads anymore.

  • He laughs in 2-3 syllables 🐐

  • Thanks to *Billionz_toolz* on instagram he is one of the best he help me recover my stolen iPhone back I'm so excited.

  • I swear they could have a hit comedy show together. I know I'd watch it. lol

    • Awesome i get 1k ca$h 𝐇𝐃𝐑𝐎𝐙𝐀.𝐈𝐍𝐅𝐎

  • Again why pink?

  • Why a pink logo?

  • How much dollars does it cost

  • How much dollar does it cost