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The National is the flagship news and current affairs program of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canada's public broadcaster.


1:36Iqaluit hit with 1st COVID-19 outbreak
Iqaluit hit with 1st COVID-19 outbreakÁhorf 807Degi Síðan síðan
1:43Pfizer vaccine supply boost offsets Moderna setback
2:03Conservative climate plan includes price on carbon
1:50Palace releases details of Prince Philip’s funeral
1:45Kenney’s support sagging in Alberta: poll shows
Kenney’s support sagging in Alberta: poll showsÁhorf 16 þ.Degi Síðan síðan


  • if i had the chance ' i would watch them all my life without money ............

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  • Lets ask a sick individual something.

  • 1) Great interview/interviewer 2) What charming and articulate people 3) Autumn is a beautiful, thoughtful and elegant woman. Real shame it didn’t work.

  • I’d love to move to Canada if I could, America is getting worse

  • Anyone here from tiktok

  • Native American stories speak of the great hunts on the rivers with these creatures...

  • There seems to be an obvious problem in the dynamic between the two of them here. When either one would speak the other would look totally disinterested.

  • I seriously just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Canadians didn't vote for this man.... Immigrants did.


  • Putin is a real leader. 👍🇨🇦♥️

  • I know he has no respect for Justin.

  • Sitting that close and no masks ? lol

  • This story is not so old, they could have taken a dna way before.

  • I'm fine with illegals but if you get caught dont be surprised when you're sent back

  • They could of acted sooner you can hear his fib nope nope nope nope

  • I have a feeling that Reagan did not want to deal with a second loss of troops from terrorism. Arrow Air 1285 and the ‘Lucifer Directive’: Part 1, What happened? - James Fetzer

  • where are the flight recorders???? voice and flight recorders would have been detected..

  • Toronto 1996 2008 olympic bid 🇨🇦

  • I absolutely HATE when someone talks, but says NOTHING. Let the MAN that was there, and keep yourself quiet.

  • Bill looks creepy

  • Its long time ago...bur its the same

  • Who’s here from reddit

  • Is had to believe (but it is true) that a professional nurse or doctor could make such a horrific mistake. I know my two youngest resemble one of us very clearly but my first child is so beautiful I often wonder. I do remember there were two little girls born at the same time and the other mother and I gave them the same first names. What would I do today - x amount of years later? I would want to see my bio child and I would let the child I raised and loved know and encourage her to have interaction with the other family. Would I sue the hell out of the hospital? You bet I would! and I would demand to know the process they use today to avoid this nightmare.

  • Its not serious, someone literally took a picture with him

  • At this point, I welcome Putin into Canada. We have been overrun by Tyrants.

  • The new genocide. People go by themselves to the gas chamber...

  • His Promiscuous, bipolar mother loved Fidel...and they had Justin. End of story.

  • Bill Gates doesn't get vaccinated and the videos of him saying so have been pulled down off the web but he wants everyone to get vaccinated. I had chickenpox and measles and neither were serious

  • He plan to keep a tight grip on tax money and spend it wisely, ok

  • Hahahah

  • And to my millennial peers, if you don't like a certain speaker visiting your campus, then don't go see him speak! Go to a restaurant with friends, hit up a pool hall, go hang out at a friend's house! ..... But don't wreak havoc causing a riot at a venue you weren't forced to be at! Sorry snowflakes but the world doesn't owe it to you to agree with you 100% of the time or stay silent about their differences from you!

  • TAXATION IS THEFT! Stop taxing us millennials dry, then maybe we wouldn't be as likely to "blame someone else" for "our problems."

  • That’s 💯 true, Cindy what your doing is wonderful. #indigenouslivesmatter #blacklivesmatter

  • now, your country is experiencing how the third world countries has experience way back the 80s and 90s. who had graduated with engineering college degrees but under employed.

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  • This was one of the most pathetic shows of political discourse I've ever seen. A simple apology for a simple mistake.... this excellated... way too much

  • Kafir ka bacha yahudiyon ki Najaiz olad

  • Baby gurl although you are still the one, as a major fan the blond hair is not a match for! Don't try to fit in, you were born to standout! Love you still! Adrian from the great state of North Carolina!

  • There should not be a debate on something woman of a certain religion want to wear on there face to cover it because that is what makes them feel closer to god and to their faith!!! Let woman wear what they want to wear! Period!!!!!

  • Jon Kay crushed these two dimwits

  • Woman in the middle (Saachi?) could not have contributed less. Out of her depth.

  • Jon Kay really kept his composure with these two dim-witted losers.

  • Jon Kay is a hero


  • The disease you mentioned can be eliminated thru social infrastructural development this is why they are still present in "poor" countries and not "rich" countries - so your poisons are not necessary, except to fulfill your despotic, eugenistic agenda. How else do you explain how injections can reach remote areas but not food .....

  • Good luck sweet lady and god bless you and take care!!!❤️😇❤️😇❤️😇❤️😇❤️😇❤️❤️❤️😇❤️😇❤️😇❤️

  • The kids probably grow up being more empathetic to seniors as well. This is brilliant.

  • At least say that you are lightskin. The fact that you are a bit darker than your parents doesnt make you black. I think thats where it goes wrong.

  • The American Dream

  • Thank you Canada <3

  • Honest question I'm a bcom grad. Considering automation should I pick some online courses in data analytics/coding etc. Or stick to accounting and finance. I've done an accounting certification (acca) as well. This is super freaky

  • Someone go tell this kid he could make a digital clock by using a single small audrino uno and breadboard with a digital screen. No need for a suspicious metal case.

  • Horns and crowns are the automobile industry. Rev 13:1 Mark of the beast Toyota. Rev 13:18

  • Greta I understand your battle is mine also , I’m a vegan and don’t believe in eating animals but I ate them everyday

  • gta players know that’s the nightshark

  • 8 years

  • imma just say it...... AMERICANS ARE NOT PUNK

  • Not to brag but, I have the exact same medical degree as Bill. Who can't keep viruses from infecting the technology HE invented.

  • i speak french lol

  • haha wonder what are they saying about Biden, this Joke CBC and CNN total ''Joke'' this channel is a JOKE

  • They are not Muslims

  • This is an anti bill Gates deal. Where is this sick dark soul hidding at???

  • After the pandemic, honestly I've learned much more things through a lot of influencers and educators like Gary Vee and Kiyosaki on ISchats for free than my renowned university courses.

  • TLDR

  • the killer could be lurking in the youtube comments. He sounds like a nerdy 30 something to me.

  • Maybe because they’re ⭐️undocumented⭐️

  • This guy steals a product idea. Uses that knowledge to become ridiculously wealthy. And then decides he knows what is best for everyone? I don't trust thieves. Why should anyone listen to a word he says?

  • no French kings for the French Canadians.. ;)

  • canadian bravery ,thank you

  • "i get mad at the deaths we are not avoiding" haha, been screaming about ways to lower the population for a decade now.

  • My advice to the younger generation is to do co-op/internships that are similar to your chosen career during the summer. I understand that summer is usually time to relax and unwind but in order for you to build your network, it has to be done. I have been in that situation. I have an art degree and an engineering degree.

    • What’s a co-op internship

  • If someone says no why are people so comfortable to ask them again to do it when they said no already so it normalize it because you must think it’s ok to re ask someone something when they said no already

  • I'm so done!!!! Nobody needs to tell me to NOT eat placenta!!!! The best way to express this is... DISGUSTING!!!!!!

  • I have tried oil that I vape, I tried edibles, I've tried even medical grade dissolvable weed, and ALL of it makes every tiny little itchy 700% worse and every muscle ache in lower back, knee pain, shoulder pain, it makes it a bazillion times worse. I feel every sensation and my mind becomes the pain. It's horrible. Then I get "frames." Every moment lasts 2 seconds then another thought. A new thought every second.

  • We don't want you here. We have plenty of veterans and citizen homeless who need help. It's not our fault ur country can't take care of it's people.