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22:04Salt and Sanctuary Developer Reacts to 20 Minute Speedrun
4:26Outriders: 10 Tips \u0026 Tricks
Outriders: 10 Tips \u0026 TricksÁhorf 36 þ.18 klukkustundum síðan
20:26Pokemon Presents  - Official Full Presentation
Pokemon Presents - Official Full PresentationÁhorf 213 þ.18 klukkustundum síðan
0:31Sony PlayStation 5 - Official Game Range Trailer
Sony PlayStation 5 - Official Game Range TrailerÁhorf 267 þ.18 klukkustundum síðan


  • This looks incredible

  • Spider-Man : Homeschooled *’AUNT MAY SAYS NO’*

  • How many of these games do we need

  • comparing this to the fnaf 1 trailer is... weird

  • I'm my opinion , Id rather play this over fortnite anyday

  • Bigest lie in history of Video Game

  • Hold on at the end dont tell me its

  • Haven't watched this show since season 3, is he fast enough yet?

  • Gustavo Fring

  • Why does 0:08 remind me of the start of Yo-Kai watch?

  • kıyafetlerin hepsi salanacak artık

  • No bullet spongage on sight, now you have my atention

  • Is this gonna be division without the bullet sponges? Im down.

  • Remember all those years ago when they announced FF7RM? 6 years later we've only seen 1/3 of disc 1, and now they're shoving this ultra-garbage into us. We aren't going to see the rest of FF7.

  • Hotwheels Beat That

  • They should stop milking 7 and just remake the best FF ever: FF9

  • They. Played. The. Theme.

  • Aktor Indonesia Joetaslim 🇮🇩

  • Is this only for mobile

  • Молодой человек пройдемте

  • what the hell's Yuffie doing in Midgar?! still cute though...

  • U know it is crazy to have a short series of a story of a show that was saw and told that was going to be long of stories but it is one two three weeks of for a episode why so short and taken like the way it is

  • Iamstilldontai this will be fun to watch

  • Italian village in summer vibes are everything


  • Omg it's gonna be a huge GB space needed.

  • 캐릭터 모션이 어색해

  • This Studio should have backed Zack all along. 😤😤

  • WTF, Nobunaga look like BL character instead of ambitious leader. Shitty

  • where are the game cube games

  • cant wait to see all those unicorn skins, dances and hats....

  • They depict us as if we didn’t evolve

  • This is the kinda game that's amazing the first two playthroughs, but not really after that. First one is figuring out the puzzle, the second one is pulling off the solution as fast as your can.

  • Now that Snap is announced, who else wants a new Pokemon Stadium?

  • The day before the days gone lol

  • 1) Ben Affleck: standalone batman movie where it shows batman not using gun etc which helped joker to get upper hand and killed robin(he must be kid like tom holland). 2) Superman: movie where after man of steel and before bvs. how he was sad because of deaths he caused and he trying to understand how not to use his full power and use when only its necessary because of which his enemies gaining upper hand still with his new beliefs he win at last. etc. there is nice and great stories to be made as standalone movies to show how each character grow which lead to this JL

  • Spider-Man: Quarantine

  • Man, they’ve really lost their magic over the years.

  • this is gonna be a NO

  • Bethesda will certainly find a way to disappoint

  • Reminds me of the first fnaf book with the mall

  • Disgusting

  • not at freddy holding himself from reading soc because he knew he was going to get attached and he wanted to wait to knew whether he had gotten the role or not 🥺🥺🥺

  • Why do joker look different in JL then he does in suicide squad

  • *_Can't Wait To See Act Man's Review On this Game....._*

  • Ah yes, GTA V *a new game we have totally never seen before.*

  • Mr peanut commercial

  • Seems like a step down in terms of animation quality. Soul's New York really knocked my socks off...this feels more like something from Dreameorks in 2005 both animation and story-wise

  • As soon as you get 24 hours on this game it's just The Day

  • If the movie is bad...after all the hype, Zack wont land another movie

  • New Gears of War?

  • Scott cawthon is a great game developer

  • I’m theorizing the end will be bitter sweet. Half of the members will die but they will win in a way and flash will have to do the whole flashpoint thing like in the comic.

  • Why on PS5? :(( can it be on ps4

  • please let the hardest mode be called "old boy"

  • Spanish subs or at least English subs, pls.

  • There are two visions

  • 👌🏻

  • Notice the hexagons on the board :/

  • The police officer is called "politsioner" in Russia, so the title is incorrect.

  • I'm tired of all these trailers. Can we get the movie tomorrow?

  • Spider-Man: Homeboy


  • Im with team Iceland 🤙

  • Is this Frank Grillo or Zack Snyder? 🤔

  • Spiderman home kicked out


  • Spider man: *Homestuck*

  • This will be lagy the frame rate drop is seen.

  • This game reminds me of Bookworm: Adventures

  • Curious how this is on Hulu?

  • Anyone playing this masterpiece again? 🔥

  • 👌🏻

  • The Marvel is dead

  • Home:home home

  • So you again when the game has been released as is just another unfinished product