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34:30GOLDBRIDGE! Granada 0-2 Manchester United Match Reaction
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1:05:30Haaland Is The One! Man Utd Transfer News
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  • What an improvement over the first meeting disaster, Cavani when fed delivers.

  • Pogba don’t seem to be frustrated when we concede he just think of scoring goals and making assists. Brilliant performance by Pogba

  • Is ricky related to tank?

  • How many times do we need to see Pogba playing in a midfield two to realise that it doesn’t work for us? He’s much better playing further forward in a more free role where he can influence the game more. Also, we definitely do need a striker if Cavani leaves.

  • foden>Greenwood💯💯

  • Wythenshawe rick🖒

  • Pogba can create chances from wing and he can cross

  • Just for this game only..i dont think you guys gave Pogba enough credit. His versatlity and positional sense was the key to breaking thier mid block. Jay only commented on the 66th minute miss (aweful by the way) but the game opened up because the spurs couldnt find how to stop the tiangle he created

  • wait what if ole has decided to get a striker so he can move pogba cdm and move martial out wide or something🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • So once against Ricky quickly skips over Greenwood's amazing performance, ignores all the qualities he has and showed how he's better than DJ again and yet Ricky says he'd play DJ over Mason ? Someone help me make sense out of this

  • I only watched the second half so for me is 8s and 9s and 10 for Pogba. Hahaha

  • Cavani shows what happens when you play hungry, you could see how bad he wanted it

  • Tottenham Hotspur olympic swim team. Gold medal divers.

  • Hopefully OGS realized the value of playing Pogba upfront. It was scintillating to watch him doing his things to the Spurs today. Were it not for the VAR theatrics, he’d have aced his weekend with two assists.

  • I agree pogba did very well but I think Ricky is getting carried away the shape is not maintained we r more likely to concede if they were a better side pogba is good in pivot that's what I think

  • I think just having rashford down the right helped wan bisaka play better, wan does have to improve his overlap and underlapping runs, sometimes he passes it and stops running. Maybe the solution is pogba on the left and rash on the right.

  • Fred: Hold my bible let me show them my passport😂

  • Fred: Hold my bible let me show them my passport😂

  • You should watch jose in the post match interview. I smell sour grapes 🍇 😬

  • I’d just like to see Ole in the technical area at times. It shows little passion from him.

  • I like Pogba on the wing. Not as a permanent thing, but just a way to screw teams who aren’t very flexible. Yes, he might not get in the game as often, but he’s such a threat, he attracts so much attention there.

  • Awww Rashford needs a rest how about working class on min wage 12 hour shifts grafting away not 90 minutes twice a week feel sorry for the kid

  • Always respected Ole as manager and player. Lack og patience and knowledge is the problem for the reactionary supporters, that would most likely be called glory hunters, which is spot on.

  • Cavani is world class even when Man Utd is not in possession of the ball.

  • we need to get strikers on cavanis level at least in terms of finishing. FFS isnt there a 40-50m signing out there we can get? Surely the club needs to invest in a finisher

    • Greenwood who is already a better finisher than cavani says hi

  • i hear put on him the wing..........,.do any of you ungrateful fans know Pogba is a midfielder......he is playing out of position for this team.......still no respect!!!!!😡😡😡

  • Lol! Cant stop laughing of Mark think he has all the answers. And we does not agree with most of it. This man has brainvwashed himself and getting worse day by day.

  • Sack in the morning......Jose

  • He's an 8 and 6 quarters, he can't be bogged down with stupid midfield responsibilities, not that player but let him out of 8 or 6 responsibilities, he shines For me He's 1 of the best players driving forward with the ball, no matter what position He's in, Yaya

    • He's not an 8 and defo not a 6 and 100% not a 10, he's a mixture of them all, at Juve he was none of those, he is just an fantastic baller full stop!!

  • Yes

  • Hard to say ole is wrong when he gets the W!

  • You are defo missing a trick here, Pogba is not a number 6 or 8

  • I'm telling ya flek, Matic being subbed on won us that game

  • Pogba are getting warm! 😳🥰

  • WHO is Kg referring to about a manager in world football who can get us closer??? N talkingabout an ACTUALLY getable manager not Klopp or Pep...Zidane come ON...chance for Pochetino is gone for now who was only person i even was slightly willing to consider.... So what Nagelsman LOL.. Allegri?! Does KG have any idea how much putting Allegri in will TOTALLY change the direction n culture of our squad with short term decisions...even there wasnt SO MANY REASONS to keep Ole in...there is NO viable replacement atm who doesnt represent a far bigger risk than keeping Ole and who has even a 25pc of the evidence in favour of progressing us

  • Pogba is a BEAST in and around the six yard box.... simply World Class in that position.

  • why you not try to apply for man united coach??

  • Even if it were true, (which it isn't), it's extremely boring to just keep saying McTominay, Fred, Lindelof and Maguire are crap over and over again.

  • Unrelated but since you have a platform I think it would be a good idea to advise people not to racially abuse Son. Unfortunately I think most of the abuse he is getting is from United fans and its just not right.

  • I actually think the team played really well after around 30 mins in, they were moving the ball around quickly and confidently looking for the killer pass with some patience and movement. They weren't trying to force it too much and they weren't just passing it back. McTominay and Fred just did their job sitting deep, Fred moving the ball around a bit more than McTominay and they were letting Pogba and Fernandes try to find the final ball with Cavani's movement in the box. I don't think Ole forces them to play slowly, I don't think at 30 mins he said "right boys you can play now" I think it's Maguire and Lindelof and McTominay and Fred sitting too deep together and that's all it is, it forces slow build up from deep, there's too much of a gap between DM and CAM. They were sitting deep and we could just press up.

  • MATE the guy, whos name i dont know as havenet been on youtibe much lately- who said as IF mourinho can criticise someone for talking about other players and no hit of irony EXACTLY what I just said to someone else...CHECK THIS jose quote about Vertonghen from Mourinho when he made the most of something (a lot more stronger contact than the son one) and got torres sewnt off... ''Some foreign players when they come to England still keep their culture and it’s a disgrace you do that to a person from your same job. I think it’s a disgrace.” "You need to support the referees during the match, not to make their life difficult, and when nobody touches or hurts you and you pretend that the opponent touched you, had a violent conduct and hurts you, you are putting the referee in a very difficult situation.''

  • Fred should get credit for the chance he created for Cavani and the will to continue running, also always hustle the opposition players & minimum!

  • Agree with most of this Beth,I feel Pog plays better when the team tries hard like to play ..was mercurial today,looked like the Juve Pog 💰Hendo was good,but right said Fred thought I'm going to go forward and netted!!! Lifted the side,and Maguire was showing more presence but got skinned Class A and booked,Victor was good,but Cavani was immense

  • I just love flex and Ricky. I look forward to watching this deadly duo

  • Best performance in a United shirt from Pogba today

  • Glory glory Man United!❤🤘😄

  • I’ve been one of Pogba biggest critics but today he was world class . 100% man of the match

  • GGMU ♥️

  • I think this just showed what we missed without Pogba. Happy to have him back

  • Dan James really 😂😂😂😂

    • 😂😂😂 we may not ever agree with Ricky but you have to admire him for his understanding of the game and also for how genuine and good a guy he is

  • Playing Pogba on the wing isn’t stifling united. He’s been winning us games. Ac Milan away biggest game of the season Pogba showed up

  • kalvin phillips id take over bissouma and neves, pure class

  • Did Dan James have any assists this season?

  • You can’t say you’re shoehorning your best player into the lineup. He’s won us games and today he was excellent. Again. Flex loves to hate on Paul

  • The second half performance is the true man utd potential. Why we not playing like this every game? 🤔🤔

  • is ndidi for leicester up for sale? probably more expensive but worth it imo

  • Nice one Beth! Keep smiling!

  • Ricky is gullible.... He thinks we can play Pogba on the left and always get away with it.... other teams will punish us. Pogba is right at the midfield and Rashford takes that left position

  • reckon we could sign raphinha or saint maximin?

  • Ole out

  • Great show as always guys - second half just shows what we could achieve with a proper cdm with bruno/pogba ahead of him. We'd be mint

  • We have players that can play like champions. Why cant they do that very game.

  • Mark defending Bruno performance is poor Bruno been less than average without space and time bruno is useless as a player bounce him he lose ball or dive compare to pogba showing strength n skill bruno has to improve

  • I agree with Ricky, keep playing Pogba on the wing. all his good stuff was in final third, left side. You're wrong mark, Pogba is mistake prone in the middle.

  • One of the best performance from Pogba in United shirt

    • I disagree

  • So J loves cavani but doesn’t rate pogba who is the player who our team that will create the most chances for him? What a fool

  • Great game tactics spot on.we definitely need to keep canvani for him to taste the atmosphere of old Trafford with the fans there.he will then stay

  • I don’t want to take anything away from Utd because they played well in the 2nd half but i can’t believe how bad Spurs are. They are going nowhere under Jose

  • James. Will get better crosses. Than Greenwood. Are. You. Mad.

  • Very good result, just hope they can finish strong with remaining games and show us all some entertainment football.

  • we need to sign a dm who can control the game as a lone cdm, play pogba or donny next to him and bruno in front then you’ve got a title winning midfield, need someone like ndidi

  • Solskjær want to tierde opposisjon in the first half, dont you get it???😀

  • 3rd place in a weird premier league season a strange year

  • Greenwood is a class finisher and Cavani saved us at both ends at two -one up he stopped an equaliser with a defensive header, well done reds onwards and upwards.

  • Look how good Jesse's playing now hes playing a fast system tempo. We simply play too slow and play players out of position

  • Can Pogba keep playing so well and be consistent from game to game now? His problem has been lack of consistency. 90 million. Hundreds of thousands a week. We need Pogba to be as good in every game as he was today in the 2nd half.

  • Ricky says good stuff and then goes and include James wtf

  • Seems like ole only lets the players loose when we go behind

  • Great fight back from the boy's. Ist 20 to 30 mintue was not good. But turned it on in the 2nd half.

  • I think this could be a temporary thing with pogba on the wing as rashford needs a long rest before he gets burnt out with playtime