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3:50Jamie Vardy's GREATEST wind-up celebrations 😂
3:45Diego Costa's Greatest Premier League Goals!
Diego Costa's Greatest Premier League Goals!Áhorf 100 þ.12 dögum síðan


  • I don't think Ole wanted VDB. He wanted Grealish or Sancho but gobshite Woodward couldn't deliver. So VDB was a last minute alternative that Ole never asked for.

  • Total fair play from the goalie who scored that incredible goal. True sportsman

  • Anyone know when taking the knee will end?

  • Never say never Gary

  • sacked in the morning

  • We simply don't have the pace in Maguire and Lindelof. You heard it here first, Tuanzebe and Bailly is the way to go, there's no reason why Tuanzebe can't be a started when Joe Gomez is for Liverpool.

  • Carragher is right. Rooney has a very intelligent footballing brain; that was reflected in his football as a player. And Rooney was taught by Fergie, easily one of the greats.

  • Next step up is signing a goalscoring right winger and centre forward striker. A centre back to replace injury prone Bailly and replacing Pogba if or when he leaves

  • Gary's actual advice was don't do anything I did as a manager

  • Am a Liverpool fan but I agree more with Neville on this occasion.

  • Wow...such a nice guy

  • His time will come next season

  • Simple... Buy Sancho and buy a striker to rotate with Cavani. Oh and Play Baily / Tuanzabe so that we can play a higher line .

  • The token clown and 2 legions,🐑🐑❣️

  • martial is way too inconsistent it pains me to watch him mope around the pitch

  • For all the people who is calling Mohammed Mo , his name is Mohammed not Mo , stop it get some help , or you got a problem with the name "Mohammed" ?.

  • By making Paul Pogba happy and building the team around Paul Pogba. Paul Pogba is a beast, they call him the Pog monster in the dressing room where is undeniably the biggest presence and influence. Paul Pogba on his day is world class, Paul Pogba needs time to adapt. Paul Pogba Paul Pogba Paul Pogba.

  • Well done guys. Well deserved

  • He plays him for 3 minutes

  • Van de beek has a future on Man U if Ole will be sacked

  • Speaks like a stoner but a baller though 💯

  • Annnnddd cue an increase in the sales of ankle weights

  • Carragher wouldn't agree with Neville if he said the sky was blue. Neville is spot on here and Carra knows it!

  • Gary’s giving advice as if he’s a good coach(remember when he went to Valencia)🤔

  • Rather watch this for 90 minutes , then to watch Man City Vs Aston Villa.

  • Yes 'ndidi was the best thing a commentators said for a long time

  • So the team who was 3 points ahead and top of the table, went away to the 2nd teams ground and came out with a draw......and that's a missed opportunity for the leaders? This is a missed opportunity for Liverpool more than United (Don't know why Matip wasn't playing in cb). What is carragher on about? Manchester United had the better chances even if they never kept possession. Allison and Fabinho were class.

  • Superb interview

  • And now we have Steve Bruce 😪😪😪

  • He is fighting for his life with us....

  • Van de beek can blended in with Matic,Pogba and Bruno. Pogba plays as free role player. Ole is killing our players internally by benching them. Secondly do we have a RB besides Bissaka kkkkkkkk Ole is a sick Joke. He just kills the morale of our player's. Our player's are not happy with Ole's tactician nd his favoritism. A game against Liverpool he only wanted a draw. We should have capitalized with Liverpool defensive problem by pressing them with total attack nd total defending style. Kkkkk I mean liverpool have Fabinho nd Henderson at the back.u cn see dat Rashford nd Martial are failing to break them down. U replace them by Cavani,Greenwood nd u take out Mctominay, fred u introduce in Lingard nd Van de beek. We know that lingard cn trap back to help out in Dm.

  • adebayor was pure savage deliberately running to his old club’s fans and knee sliding to them. *absolutly class*

  • Keane lowkey loves Micah Richards

  • Up next, a double amputee gives Mo Farah some tips to improve his 5000m time!

  • Better advice would probably be not to take advice from neville on management.

  • Are these 2 only allowed to talk about United and Liverpool?

  • Jack grealish upamecano...sell pogba

  • I just love Mo Salah , I love this guy he's so sweet

  • No way you can sign Neto for 18M, he is terrible, like for real. They need a goalkeeper that is from England or Germany

  • Kepa was not chelsea problem still know chelsea defender line is sharking

  • Absolutely bullshit from skysports,even the player himself feels at home but just for the sake of clicks creating clickbait titles

  • Gary. Neville. Management. Advice.... ??? What next? Latin lessons from a brick?

  • I'd give him better advice than Neville. Sky casually forgetting his time in Spain managing

  • I think nerve isn't the right word, either. I think 'confidence' is. They don't have the confidence in each other yet to get a bit further up, leave that space in there, knowing that either the ball will be won or that the space in behind will be covered by someone getting back and across.

  • Thats rich

  • Mark Goldbridge has been saying this for months and months. Nothing to do with coaching. As soon as Baiily plays (being a fast centerback) we play higher up automatically.

  • Love this from Jim

  • If mings could he would of knocked zaha clean out

  • I love how carragher tries his best to make this only oles problem😂. Simple thing is if we had someone quick the line gets higher. Bailly proves that

  • Need a RW, CDM and maybe a CB. Sancho, Ndidi and Upamecano.

    • @Ray HM agree city spent 400million on the defence alone so why not your untied

    • @Agatha Cathartese if it costs that much then yeah why not? Club makes £500m/600m in revenue a year. So surely they can spend that much?

    • Another 150 mill then?

  • Just keep winning

  • This talk of United being title contenders is the same as when we were talking about Chelsea being contenders a few weeks back and look what happened there. All it takes is one or two losses and suddenly they’ll drop down the table

    • Not really. United have been the best team in the league for a year since Fernandes joined

    • It’s not though is it. Since Bruno joined (end of Jan 2020) United have won the most points in PL. United are also unbeaten away from home in that time. Teams like Everton and Chelsea had good spells and fell away, whereas United have been on a consistent steady rise since this time last year.

  • Terrific interview, great talent and a great attitude to match.

  • In the last few videos, Neville has been spot on and Carragher just wants to always prove him wrong for argument sake, childish

  • Give ESR the money needed to sign Buendia, he will run through the walls