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Welcome to the official Taskmaster ISchats channel.

Watch Taskmaster Thursdays at 9pm on Channel 4. Watch the no swears version on Sundays at 6pm on E4.

Emmy Award nominated, and BAFTA and Broadcast Award winning Taskmaster is the hugely entertaining irreverent show hosted by Greg Davies as the all-powerful “Taskmaster”, alongside Alex Horne as his loyal assistant, sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper competitive comedians through a series of strange and surreal challenges.

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4:49Sarah Kendall Licks A Dog | Taskmaster | Series 11
Sarah Kendall Licks A Dog | Taskmaster | Series 11Áhorf 29 þ.18 klukkustundum síðan
10:45Surprise Little Alex Horne | Full Task | Taskmaster
Surprise Little Alex Horne | Full Task | TaskmasterÁhorf 165 þ.18 klukkustundum síðan


  • I want to desperately carry that man's children.

  • Best!

  • The translation of Mike Wozniak's German was probably not done by a German speaker... And the actual translation is so much more funny :D For example he said "look, a plastic thing under your buddhist" xD

  • Thank you so much for uploading these <3

  • What episode was this? I don't remember this.

  • Alex breaking character must be one of the biggest compliments to the contestants on the show.

  • Dus it really say: ‘give your answer in your best Dutch’ on the board? And did nobody spin it?! Shame.

  • 10:02 I don't like when people pat you in the back like that. So annoying that guy.

  • Is it just me or are these interviews really quiet?... nevermind, Lee just started howling. Got it...

  • I am SOOOOOO glad they got Lee Mack on this program!

  • Now I'm desperate to know what Lee has in his o'cupboard,

  • Please make an at home version of this with replaceable answer styles. You can call it "Chat Roulette (the one without unsolicited penises)"

  • they could have moved the line and ripped the fire

    • or taken a pic with the phone

  • 4:49 you can see the cameraperson/crew member giggling in the reflection of the wheel! I found that particularly delightful! Edit: Upon further 'reflection', I've realised it's actually none other than our very own Little Alex Horne!

  • Garage

  • Lee Mack saying Channel 4 came up with Taskmaster hahah cheeky.

  • Lee’s howl woke my cat up and he is TERRIFIED

  • Audio levels Alex!

  • He has a BAFTA

  • Garage garage garage ?

  • The beginning of Lee's garage answer sounded exactly like Mikes

  • 0:02 The books in the bookshelf doesn't look real.

  • Alex Horne and Lee Mack in the same room. Can telly ever get more bonkers?

  • It's a shame Noel didn't use some lights in the washer so we could actually see that beautiful spectacle in all its glory.

  • "Taskmaster Is The Greatest Show On TV" Rob Brydon in shambles

  • This show saved my sanity.

  • wow, adjust your volume :P

  • (Farts don't smell when people eat fewer processed foods, esp dairy. Little to do with veganism. Husband and I eat plenty of meat and we only fart when we eat ice cream or a lot of cheese.)

  • holy fuck that was some excellent garage-ing right there

  • There’s garage was garage something garage quite garage lyrical garage about garage Lee’s garage answer garage to garage the garage last garage question garage.

  • Best garage answer garage to garage that garage question garage yet... garage.

  • Alex always on baby sitting duty when Katherine Parkinson doing her task.

  • holy sh!t

  • When Lee Howl'd both of our cats were frantically looking around like a dog was actually howling in our room. Lee is definitely part wolf man.

  • @10.17 he says "nice to meet you" and you can tell on her expression with her shoulder she giggles about it. Why is that?

  • why are these videos always quiet

  • This is an amazing show!

  • 1:58 That look is him realising how much of a disadvantage being a vegan has put him at

  • "Channel 4 have come up with a great idea like Taskmaster, how did they think of it?", Lee says while looking Alex in the eye. 3:27

  • Brilliant lineup this series. I like all of them.

  • man i find him beyond annoying.. they had a guest on WILTY that he was so creepy with i have never been able to find him funny again...

    • Which guest? You’re just making stuff up. He’s been good to all guests. Either drop names and episode or go color books or something for your micro triggers.

    • And yet here you are, watching a video that's clearly titled "Lee Mack". Do you do it to wind yourself up? Jeeees, some people 🤦

  • PRO TIP: at 3:44 you can not only hear Alex cracking up, you can also see him in the reflection of "pretend you have an egg in your mouth." You're welcome.

  • Thank you for this!!! But too short and too many gimmicks. Have a more relaxed chat/interview would be more entertaining with him though. Just saying.

  • What did he say about pinions??

    • @Leroy hah. Thanks.

    • It's a good thing the last word was "opinion" and not "cupboard."

  • That has got to be the most comprehensive answer to the question, 'What is the strangest thing in your opinion?' In fact, it might be the most comprehensive answer to any question ever asked.

    • @Addy 0302 I felt he was elaborate and clear, and the fact that he finds garages strange came across quite well.

    • Comprehensive? Sure. But comprehensible? Not so much.

  • Best yet

  • He is closing in fast on Sarah in the series overall so he still has a real chance of winning this.

    • @Meiji Saaame. His kids will freak out. They deserve it so much.

    • @Meiji in another world I wouldve liked to see if charlotte could win just because it would be really wholesome. But that's not possible. So im rooting for mike

    • As much as I'm equally rooting for Sarah, Mike, and Lee. I really want Lee to win so he can show off to his kids

  • the decision to stretch that last prompt as much as possible, wonderful.

  • he seems like he's just come back from shoving 3 poppadoms in his mouth

  • I fancy charlotte

  • I never cease to be amazed by how quick Lee is... The end of the 'garage' bit? Chef's absolute kiss.

  • Love his take on the instructions. Completely different from all the others.

  • You can see the exact moment he mentally snaps during the garage question

  • Garage garage garage garage ... oh my

  • Really trying to prove the BAFTA was deserved :D

  • I'm amazed that all 5 contestants got the "be amazed by your answer" prompt

    • @Reqless lol if they got the same prompt twice they probably just edited it out and cut to the new answer coming up to keep the flow of the show

    • as amazing as none of them spinning the same prompt twice.

  • he got a bafta

    • @Red Dwarf *N garage G garage S garage

    • @Jam Dev S garage T garage E garage A garage D garage I garage N garage S

    • He garage got garage a garage Bafta garage.

  • I feel like he will be great at a lying game

    • He might have a career in comedy ahead of him

    • @TerribleTurtle I love that show. It incredibly funny!

    • I know you're being sarcastic, but I wouldn't want others to miss out on Lee Mack's incredible wit. You can watch Lee Mack lie profusely on the show "Would I Lie to You?". It's incredible.

    • @DALEK CAAN "The show where people try to figure out if the other team is telling the truth or not"!

    • @DALEK CAAN "Speedway Stadium"!

  • I can never look at Mike the same again after that absolute casserole sound and statement. I am so sorry to remind you of that.

  • The way he glares at Alex after every question is absolute Lee Mack perfection.

  • Peums

  • When did Alex get his ears stretched?!

  • Mike Wozniak speaking German is maybe the first time I’ve heard a speech in German and not been intimidated.

  • Alex 12:56: "I've literally never been further out of my comfort zone." {Liza Tarbuck has entered the chat}

  • "You've got no chutzpah!" - I'm pretty sure Mike has heard that pointed at him at least once in his life from a teacher or a mentor.

  • Jamali's chemicals in water claim is REAL. Google "plastic chemicals in water" and how they're reducing the FRICKING sperm count! (although Govt' isn't actually putting them in but it's not stopping the Plastic industry from either...)

  • Tick-Tock, its Taskmaster O'Clock. Also... it's Mike time.

  • That evil chuckle. He knew EXACTLY what he was going to do the moment he saw the task.

  • That was legit German and not bad either. Really good pronunciation!

  • I really didn't need that.... but google says: Airplane accidents have a 95.7% survivability rate, according to the US National Transportation Safety Board.

  • Mel's French is really good!

  • You have to wonder, if literally anyone else did what Hugh did across the show how would they fare? Hell, he placed last in the first four prize tasks while Rhod did better repeatedly using an out-of-place picture of Greg being fat

  • How does lolly keep getting invited back? The most boring and seemingly uninterested contestant.

  • Lizas was too real lol

  • Charlotte is a lovely,lovely lady. So what if she hasn't won TM 11. Her stock has risen & if nothing else,a sideline career as a primary school teacher awaits!

  • I wonder if Bob drunk his tea by accident when a tea cup almost landed on his head haha

  • I want the song James is riding too ASAP. Also Kerry’s laugh is the cutest thing on earth

  • 34:54 The most hetero kiss

  • The musicians are trying so hard not to lose their shit. 😆

  • I'm so happy for Asim :)))