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Informative and entertaining Among Us / Teamfight Tactic videos from a piece of toast.

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27:09LURKING with the NEW ENGINEER role (custom mod)
18:58Among Us but with the NEW SPY role... (custom mod)
10:49i infiltrated an ALL-GIRLS Minecraft base...
25:28becoming a 19,200 IQ KILLER CYBORG in Among Us...?
17:31NEW 19,100 IQ impostor LADDER strats on Airship...


  • At 1:59 u can see tinas ghost :o

  • Don't see direwolf 20 so can't be that famous of minecrafters🤪

  • Just a casual day in toasts life - pulling up a 1vs 8 imposter game in a lobby full of people who are always ready to vote him out. CLEAN IS ALL I CAN SAY😎

  • Can you see Tina's ghost, still in the shape of Karl on the near left bottom just for a moment? 2:00

  • i already knew george was a jester when he talk like he was impostor and it confirmed when he vote for himself lol haha

  • Toast: I'm gonna try my best not to do anything sus *immediately vents*

  • A day with a toast upload is a happy day 😌

  • Toast just doesn’t call sabotages

  • Toasts new audience is apparently 8 year old boys according to this video lol


  • We’re still waiting for the 20,000 IQ play! Must be special to hold off on it ;)

  • i love how toast just killed on cams and got away with it

  • im sad that normal among us doesnt have cool roles. Like i went into a game and thought the person who voted themselves was the jester but everyone was like HEH

  • Surprisingly no IQ is used in this video

  • The way ryan popped out of the vent and toast's comment about how hjune lead him to his crime scene hahahha.

  • "You made a one way ticket to our crime scene." One way to victory I guess, just not for our boy Toast

  • Toast op

  • Toast likes playing with his food

  • Why do people like Karl? The video becomes like 10x more watchable when he's dead

  • 1:59 anybody see Karl?

  • most of them swapped names that I am getting confused

  • Did anyone else see Karl's ghost at 1:59 in the bottom left?

  • He's playing with his food

  • When is a valorant video coming out toast ?

  • I like when this happens "someone randomly views my videos and 'someone like your comment' and 'you have a new Subscriber'..

  • is there a clip with Ryan's perspective?

  • Ok but imagine a game of among us with Micheal and Tommy The chaotic energy in that would be iconic lmao

    • micheal is a zombie pigman how would he play lol

  • listen to me, mod crewmate role : eagle eye, ability : can see farther (zoomout display)

  • Great to see that Ryan claims he saw toast and June vent and everyone votes toast in less than 2 seconds before he even gets a word out

  • What happens if you all swap names


  • 26:50 That moment where Ryan popped out of the vent had me dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Toast, who's Chinese: *Oh no, my mom texted me in Chinese, I can't read Chinese* Me: *Same, I can't read my native language either*

  • Toast: I'll try not to do anything sus Also Toast: *immediately proceeds to enter vent*

  • Tina’s ghost popped up for a split second at 1:59

  • reeeeeeeee

  • was it just me or did you guys see tina’s ghost too?

  • "Oh no she replied in Chinese" That's my fear too Toast, I don't read Mandarin lol

  • incomplete feral boys in the thumbnail tho <33 I see dream as the dead body :>

  • POV: You want to be toast's food. Thirst comment but whatever XD

  • June was basically making sure ryan would see the bodies, he's such a courtesy guy to the engineer.

  • 20:38 Toast singing "what lovers do" song.... 😂😂😂

  • When toast say “mum i dont read Chinese” it sound so cute

  • I hate games where it's toast, a jester and a crewmate because it takes so damn long. Like please just get on with the damn game

  • fun fact: *you’re reading this because it’s a fact.* *did it work?*

  • At 2:00 did anyone else see the ghost of KARL as an Imposter for a frame as if he just got killed and the game was loading his ghost in

  • Toast took advantage of the Minecraft players so much 😂

  • I'm 43 minutes late for this video.... One day I'll be the first one to watch the video...

  • 1:26 But she did not shoot the ValkyRAE!

  • He was singing whistle by Blackpink😭🤣

  • George played that special role well for being new

  • did the editor give up on the thumbnail F for bbh

  • You guys don't realize how much Toast loves his fans. I love the animation! Toast is playing with Minecrafters to take over their minds well...

  • i learned that tina dont know how to count the most she can do is 4

  • the fact that George and sapnap continuously fight.

  • toast just sitting here embarrassing george 💀

  • That was soo smart, Rhiga poping out of vent!! 😂😂

  • Where is Dream tho?

  • Is it just me or was George the most obvious jester ever?

  • Round 2 30 lo

  • 1:59 at 2:00 exactly you see karl as an imposter ghost for 1 frame in the bottom left

  • How the fuck did Brooke not see that it was toast who killed Bad while she was on cams.

  • badboyhalo....AND SYKKUNO!!!

  • He's not posting the 20,000 IQ on the "Haha funny number" day? Man, this must be REALLY something.

  • I love how Toast knows if he kills Corpse Sapnap and George will just blame each other, *cuz they're sapnap and george...* 😂

  • I still prefer old map:^) thanks toast

  • i have never been so early to a video. i know its been an hour but im 12 minutes in and happy. toast lifts my mood

  • I wish I had 1/1000th of Michael’s energy

  • toast you and your vids give me the will to live to the end of the day and the next

  • Toast is currently practicing for his 20,000 IQ

  • Is it just me or is toast reuploading the same games? This is the second time.

  • Can't wait for Toast to join the Dream Team in Minecraft Manhunt

  • Toast mom texting him in Chinese Toast: “Mom, I can’t read Chinese” 🤣

  • I didn't wanna have to do it to 'em, but I had to do it to 'em - Disguised Toast 2021

  • wait, wheres skeppy

  • Way to GO! Champ

  • a new toast video a better mood

  • Waiting for the 20,000iq play

  • 2:00 if you time it just right, you will definitely see a creepy scary ghost

  • I saw the last match in this video on "Toast Fans". Is someone uploading your content?