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2:19KSI - Patience (feat. YUNGBLUD) (Acoustic) [Official Audio]
KSI - DOMAINÁhorf 4,8 m.3 mánuðum síðan
3:32Cursed Baldski
Cursed BaldskiÁhorf 3 m.5 mánuðum síðan
4:30Nathan Dawe x KSI - Lighter [Official Video]
Nathan Dawe x KSI - Lighter [Official Video]Áhorf 21 m.8 mánuðum síðan
3:24KSI - Cap (feat. Offset) [Official Music Video]
KSI - Cap (feat. Offset) [Official Music Video]Áhorf 12 m.10 mánuðum síðan
0:49KSI - Cap (feat. Offset) Music Video Trailer
KSI - Cap (feat. Offset) Music Video TrailerÁhorf 2,2 m.10 mánuðum síðan
3:08It’s Here
It’s HereÁhorf 3,8 m.11 mánuðum síðan
1:01Poppin Music Video Trailer
Poppin Music Video TrailerÁhorf 1,7 m.Ári síðan
3:19KSI - Wake Up Call (feat. Trippie Redd) BTS
19:16What Jake And Logan Paul Could Never Do...


  • I Love you

  • Polo g sounds lit on this beat

  • Ksi has awesome hair if you just forget 4 years ago

  • like it :thumbs up:

  • Let's go lads


  • A A A AA A A A A AA A A A AA A A A. A A A AA A A A A A A A A AA A A A A A A A A A. A A

  • 0:39

  • You are not right in most situations and they are not right in most situations but take care of your family and Deji is your brother same as your mom and dad these things happen to my parents all the day and we work it out they will not be here for eternity deji will not be too,you will be left alone in the end it is not bad talk but in the end there will be no randolf or sidemen or Logan Paul you should all get it in your heads and these people saying they are your real family they are just entertained they are not rly here for you,even tho I like your videos and if you were hurt or sick I would donate for you but I would not come to you to hospital and I think you would not want to see me,you dont even know me,so keep it smart my guy and same to Deji he should fix some mistakes.

  • Toby the Nigerian leggend

  • Fun Fact: This is on your recommended 7 years later

  • They should make this part longer like holy i get goosebumbs 2:04

  • Now I m expecting a Laughing at Alisson.

  • cringe theyre just cringeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Last

  • 8:55 is anyone gonna talk about ksi holding a bra

  • Imagine how dumb you must be, watching this and thinking the Sidemen beef was real.

  • Lol

  • Chubby bunny

  • ''I will destroy Joe Weller's self-esteem.'' He was quite right. That fight still is bothering him to this day.

  • 3:04 that stunt double for JJ must have gotten payed good.

  • 7:30

  • how to go 😀

  • Read my name

  • Why did she get bullied at the started when she's a black belt in Shotokan karate anyway I luv her face expressions and she's got really nice skin

  • This isn't that good bro

  • 2021 anyone ?

  • All time video

  • Yea Ksi definitely paid polo to hop on this song

  • They onley cear about me when im dead.

  • Craig David old skool but he still carry out blasting banger and how cute were them huskys

  • Lol how the fuck KSI ge to many subsribers xd

  • All Ksi music videos should have a intro typical lads when they see a peng girl and don't that girl look a bit like Vicki Hope

  • Who came back to this in 2021

  • I miss this old content

  • Let's hope this is a one off

  • 2015 - Keep Up 2019 - Pull Up 2021 - Shut Up

  • How they meet wtf Conor seems angry...

  • Paul

  • I like ksi then Logan pail

  • ksursed

  • Bro

  • The ratio compared to other music vids is crazy good.

  • Better than Jake Paul's music

  • 9:50 - 9:54 An alternate timeline where KSI and Logan are best friends and KSI surprises him with a new dog to replace Kong as a birthday present.

  • That part at the end where he speeds up the tempo while running away from the ops gets me every time

  • I’m white and LEGIT my favourite guy IS Franklin and there’s something called glitches THAT BLACK MAN WAS A GANG MEMBER THE AMBULANCE WOULDNT HELP A GANG MEMBER

  • Miss the old KSI

  • "Friends" just watched

  • Polo g is the best out of all of them ksi and Youngblood sucks

  • This is the guy who beat Logan paul in a professional fight and made a solo album and has mainstreams and a artist life is strange but worth it 😭❤ So proud of you jj


  • The 86 De Bruyne though😂

  • Damn this shit sick BRO

  • good lord that guy that wants to be the guy from the cure.... just just awful! looks ridiculous, acts ridiculous, sounds like he's from a failed boyband. i just dont know what to say. i feel really sick

  • this summer lol

  • I’m on the verge of tears JJ is just making me prouder every second. WELL DONE JJ AND YUNGBLUD

  • the lyrics is just fire

  • LUST

  • 2021 sucks

  • I don’t like rap music, so listening to KSI do something different is nice

  • this is my favorite part 0:24

  • Wow, that sucked. Anyway I can get that three minutes and nine seconds back? Lol. Yung blud, get a new gimmick, bro. That anarchy bad boy, vibe has been done before, by far better artist than you. You look like a P-M-S-ing Pink, or a over-hyped Farusa Balk.

  • This was a shorts before the shorts

  • KSI read him like a book. (Metaphor)

  • Sheeesh

  • Just seing old diss tracks

  • I loved how Logan could’ve ended jj career and made a video ab it and still the fact Logan could’ve won but I’m on ksi side

  • Where polo g?

  • This is by far my favorite remix of them all brilliant

  • I should of been in that video yeahhh. + 1:44 Is a good part. + 2:02

  • Damn he was ripped backed then buff neek

  • is it just me wanting cardi b x ksi x uh someone else..

  • UK garage 🇬🇧

  • "creature was shit why did we have to wait 4 months for it"

  • Dam no one has commented on this for 3 days

  • 🧢

  • Still one of my favourite sidemen videos

  • 2021 anyone ??

  • This man made a song with Polo G