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3:37Let Dua Lipa Teach You How To Dance | British Vogue
4:19Kali Uchis: In The Bag | Episode 40 | British Vogue
13:07Miranda Kerr: In The Bag | Episode 38 | British Vogue
6:36Maya Jama: In The Bag | Episode 37 | British Vogue


  • The way she speaks kind of reminds me of the way Kylie speaks.

  • Why is she so cute and funny

  • So cute 🥰

  • Petition for Zara as Elsa if there is going to be a a live action adaption of frozen 👀

  • I love that woman😍😍😍

  • Nothing new that I haven't seen on google.

  • She’s just so carefree and unfiltered and beautiful and free of drama

  • Cool...

  • Nice...

  • Who was here before driver's license. We love you Sabrina ❤️

  • okay queen zara!

  • First time I can compare my self to an celebrity 😋

  • somebody please give this women her reality show!! I LOVE HER BEFORE THIS BUT NOW I LOVE HER MORE. she's amazing as an artist (sad people sleep on her :/) and as a human. love love to my zara queen

  • just because kendall doesn’t like the affection as much doesn’t make her rude i-

  • Love you all ~~~~

  • this united classy power of human beings is unbelievable! ♡

  • Dear God, please let me be born with that face in my next life

  • Her bedroom is like goals

  • You are so Beautiful!!! I Like You So Much!!

  • You are so Beautiful!!! I Like You So Much!!

  • Does anyone know the name of her Chanel lipstick? I mean it’s obviously Chanel... Thank you 🧡

  • She is a true sweed!

  • What I like about this video is that her personality is way more entertaining than bag itself

  • Love it. Funny but show some of her style and dresses.

  • Perfect 👌

  • wow zara larsson

  • ❤️❤️

  • No way in the world is this woman 29 here. No way. She looks at least a decade older.

  • But it’s not good to have noodles everyday Zara 😭

  • Completely full of her own importance, never attractive.

  • Smart gracious beautiful lady What would it be if johnny depp was with angelina jolie?

  • Pink af

  • I love how zara stays true to her zodiac which is sagittarius. It's so fun to watch.✨

  • Love her very muuuuuuch but putting your face so close to heat is a BAD BAD idea.

  • Her voice is so attractive OMG

  • I actually love the decoration in her house

  • She's the only karen who's not like the ones in the supermarket asking for free milk and exclaiming for the manager

  • We need Emma Watson skincare

  • I love how she’s just chilling like the rest of us.

  • She's so simple and i love it

  • Im reading eclipse rn and its AMAZING

  • She seemed like she was in labor while in water

  • Wim hoff is awesome too

  • Twilight !! 😍😍 love her

  • “It’s physically very painful” I felt that 😂😂

  • What is she doing with Muggles? I need to inform ministry of Magic!!

  • her personality is A1

  • She is so adorable!!!

  • Oh man... This Angelina Jolie... She's sooo gorgeous in so many ways. And she's humble! I could watch her just talking about making pancakes and I would find it entertaining. She's really what her name means: beautiful angel 😇

  • take a shot every time she says “like”

  • ..i totally fucos of her face😘❤️

  • Reminds me of uptown girl

  • She is so lovely ughhhh 😭😭😭

  • basket

  • I love this girl...

  • How a very beautiful person she is! (Both inside and outside) ❤

  • the colombian passport!!! queen!!!

  • 👏👏👏

  • Me reading eclipse currently 😵😂😻

  • Linda

  • Vogue U JAJJAJA this is genius

  • I hope emma has upgraded to ear pods

  • definition of cancer princess lol

  • Love her!

  • Angelina should be the new bond, did you see her in Salt? Sofisticated, classy, pure gold

  • I just spent 15 minutes feeling like a third wheel interrupting their moment...

  • Tommy is something different😂😂😂

  • Angelina would break the fourth wall

  • No more hate!!!!

  • I love you sabrina

  • From Amy Pond to Nebula, I've always been a huge fan


  • She sounds like young Rihanna

  • omh her holding the eclipse book serve

  • wait, did she not mention a wallet? Just a house key and a passport? Did I miss something?

  • Love EVERYTHING about Erdem and I can’t even really wear any of the clothes as a guy lol! but it’s just a very beautiful brand to just stare at

  • British accent is pretty cool <3

  • I make wealthy womens property more valuable for the country

  • Eww, I love them soo much. They're so cute and nice. funny girls😘 Gigi: a TEN! *happy, surprise smile* Bella: seven!? It's not s zero. Whoo.. * nice smile, wise words🤣* 😁🤩Love you, girls! ❤️