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6:04Why the RCMP is in crisis: policing expert
Why the RCMP is in crisis: policing expertÁhorf 437Degi Síðan síðan
2:14Canadian COVID-19 survivors share their stories
Canadian COVID-19 survivors share their storiesÁhorf 4,4 þ.Degi Síðan síðan


  • WARNING-base on d bibLe-all governments in the world will be destroyed Very near in ArmAgedOn, JehOvAh GOd Said that in Daniel 2:44-45,sO, WOrship JehOvAh GOd fAther Of Jesus b4 it's too late because d end is very neAr, zePhAniah 1:14, mAthew 4:10! read!

  • u liers ur blood is made out of lies everything that is in u are lies

  • Welcome to Nazi Ontario!

  • Is Trudeau and Blair responsible for theses murders? We will never know

  • America 200 million vaccines in canada 2 million

  • Lmao why arent there enough vaccines?

  • Dont u mean the vaccination causing variable? Negative at first, after vaccine positive with modified corona virus.

  • 8 million doses won't even cover all the ILLEGALS migrants and ftw's trudeau is flooding canada with during a PANDEMIC eh.

  • We couldnt makecvaccine here why would some other country all that

  • Subjugating a country rather

  • Go to any Ontario hospital and see for yourself. They're empty.

  • Why they keep mentioning the” third wave” when in fact this is the 50th wave

  • We can thank Covidiots for a lot of this!

  • resign black face

  • Why people are not wearing their masks outside, if the virus are spreading

  • Ontario is officially a Police State...Resist!!!

  • 🇨🇦🧑‍✈️👩🏻‍✈️👨‍✈️😖

  • Suspended... Of course, with pay!

  • where are the...? TWO HUNDRED MILLION doses trudeau ALREADY paid for.. where is the money p.s. the same goes for ALL the ventilators trudeau claimed to have bought where are they?

  • Imagine thinking they will lift these?

  • Either arrest Doug Ford or we are in civil war

  • They need to put some anime theme songs IT'S SO SLOWWW

  • The count of cases recovered from COVID-19 in Canada was 990,073 as of April 15, 2021.

  • Either arrest Doug Ford or we are in civil war

  • The longer the lockdowns the more the unhinged people will go really crazy and its not because of phony racism or bigotry its because when you lock people up like rats they will end up killing each other.

  • Dr Charles D Hoffe is a true Canadian hero.

  • Toronto Police and Peterborough Police have tweeted that they will be doing random stops of people or cars. See my discussion page for links. Also check your own local police detachment's Twitter or site to see if they concur.

  • Give that officer a medal for being a human. We are responsible for ourselves the communists in the government do not dictate how we live

  • Pr BIDEN, Why are single MOMS tortured on your watch by US FBI? Just bcs I was born in RUSSIA? Stop the ABUSE! Russia is your Alley, China is your Vice! ANd to ABUSE AN AMERICAN MOTHER just for birth in Russia!! I am an abused, persecuted American MOM, TORTURED mentally daily, placed in prison and it continues years and years.. for.. UNproven Overstay on vacay!!! An American Mother placed in PRISON before even proper Trial!??? No wonder we have Unrest - this is NO Democracy - this is KING GEORGE - model of TORTURE AND PRISON as a solution to Custody Dispute!! I asked EVERY News Outlet for Assistance and NO HELP from my Country or Humans! So HOW can I say we live in Democracy? Or its for my kids Benefit? I am getting sicker and about to die.. HOW does it help ME or my Kids brainwashed by the Monster MORMON Father and Corrupt MORMON FBI? USA continues to REWARD Abusers and Torture me... And NOONE Helped Not a soul!

  • he iwas the best president ever and i think joe biden will be the same and do our country well

  • That's so sad these families want closure

  • The media spends most of their time portraying cops like racist, power hungry oppressors, then put out a hit piece on a cop hugging people that want to be allowed to exercise during a pandemic, you can't win with these cockroaches. When it comes to violent criminals they expect the cops to play nice and risk getting killed, when it comes to honest people trying to make a living during times of unprecedented government overreach and abuse of power they expect the swat team to go it and start shooting.

  • Vaccine is more dangerous than Covid. More people have died because of the stay at home orders versus covid. There end goal is to give you the experimental vaccine. Pfizer vaccinated their control group - hard to distinguish if vaccine has side effect or not. Big pharma use devious tactics they control govt and believe me they do not care what is best for you and will cut cost and hide side effects if they believe it puts them in an unfavourable light. Long term side effects of vaccine is potentially devasting we are talking Alzeimers Parkinsons aggressive cancers.

  • Dr Charles D Hoffe is a true Canadian hero.


  • But, but, but what happened to all that CANADIAN EXPERIENCE?

  • Start vaccinating younger age groups, older ones have more sense to stay home!!!!

    • you're ignorant how do you know older individuals have more sense to stay at home?

  • He's 7. Classic teacher's pet behavior.

  • Dr Charles D Hoffe is a true Canadian hero.

  • Give all the naysayers a ticket to Yemen, Syria, Palistine or Saudi Arabia. Then they can experience real freedom. They wouldn't last a day. Weak Canadians holding us back.

  • I know why it's called Huf gym. They're huffing glue get sick morons

  • Scripted world theatre/ Psyop on the masses by the world elite... All world leaders are scripted puppet actors installed by the elite. .

  • ...9/11... Psyop staged by the United Terrorist Snakes(War Criminal) & the world elite

  • Media is the virus

  • Lots of fat people who don't workout at that gym. Should close it down for doing its customers a disservice. The cop looks like an oathkeeper. Good he is being removed.

  • My stomach is paralyzed because of COVID 😂

  • Only right thing in todays announcement is stopping non essential construction. Wheres the announcement about providing PPE to health care workers. And getting rapid testing for them. This lockdown is gonna kill more ppl than covid 19

  • Here in Ontario, the government authorised police to stop people without reason.

  • 😂😂😂

  • The RCMP failed. The liberals used dishonesty to ban firearms. The liberals used the victims & their families with zero regard or respect for them, used them like objects to obtain a goal. The families had to publicly protest to get the liberals to do an inquiry. What horrible disrespect shown to the victims.

  • Trudeau lost control, control he never ever had.

  • Its only bad in the GTA so who cares. I left that hole 30 years ago.

  • Hey Doug put your brothers pipe down.

  • This is event 201. I've done everything I can to get this bloody virus and still can't get sick. What is wrong with me? My co workers can't seem to catch this thing either. Weird. Almost like it's all hysteria and theres another agenda.

    • Try asymptomatic tests a few times, it will pop up eventually

  • Should anyone be making a paycheck who is involved in making and applying restrictions...... only winner so far is Doug fords sticker factory. GOOD JOB EAST YOUR THE FIRST IN THIS COUNTRY TO FALL UNDER DICTATORSHIP!!!!! All from the direction comes from on top, the PM who has only hid during this UNPRECEDENTED TIME, what a joke to be a breathing human in today’s 🇨🇦 CANADA!!....STOP BEING WEAK SOME OF US STILL CARE!!!!! STAND UP!!!

  • Give all the naysayers a ticket to Yemen, Syria, Palistine or Saudi Arabia. Then they can experience real freedom. Weak Canadians is all I see.

  • Welcome to Democratic People's Republic of Canada

  • Did anyone catch what happened at 0:00? Erdogan said "I'm glad to be here" implying a response from Putin, and the translator did translate it but Putin thought it was just the translator personally saying that to him. Then Erdogan got surprised after not receiving a response and lifted his arms up and looked at the translator, who then said to Putin that the "Glad to be here" was from Erdogan and not actually from himself.

  • agenda 21


  • Haha like anyone want to come to nazi Ontario

  • প্রশাসন তুমি সাবধান হয়ে যাও

  • Insanity

  • $$$ "Driving while Black"? A Black COP was Arresting him when he starts RESISTING! Just before he Tries to run, he calls MAMA at 20 years old and Doesn't know at 20 what to do! Ma lies and says "It was an Air Freshioner" no, it was for Expired Plates, and then they find out he's got a Warrant for ARMED Robbery! Where's the Pics of him w/Cash and Gang signs?

  • Ontario begins locking the barn a month after the horse has bolted. The Ford government is providing a classic exhibition of what happens when public health and welfl-being is not governments' top priority. You hear a lot of talk about balancing economic and health interests, but it's really talking about how many people a government is willing to let die to keep bars open. When a government listens to the business lobby rather than health experts in the midst of a pandemic, people die.

  • Have any provinces with a liberal premiere, expanded police powers?

  • No masks on kids??? Child abuse? Have you ever met a Cancer Patient? Are you saying that hospitals abuse kids with Cancer? The heck is wrong with you?

  • Thank you Global and ISchats for helping cover up Phillips crimes against Canadian Natives. Your puppet masters must be very pleased with you.

  • Gebels propaganda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ontario “health officials” are all lost to the self imposed grandeur of being called “doctor”. There are good doctors and bad doctors..guess which ones Ontario hired? They are the weak of days gone past now trying to instill how they are the smart ones and people know nothing. The word Doctor does not make you smarter, the ability to reason scientific, actual science, information does. You fools are playing a narrative of false belief and pushing it like the gospel! I do not believe any of this skewed data! It is a lie!

  • He who smelt it dealt it

  • Send him back to Ramadan

  • And went our country is gone they get their new government 🙄

  • The biggest scam in world history the COVID virus. The sheep of Canada bought into it hook line and sinker.. Wake up PEOPLE......

  • Depression pills will be the next top trending item, which might surpass covid vaccines and hospitals will start flooding with people diagnosed with insanity.

  • Wearing 2 masks n already fully vaccinated is ridiculous

  • I wonder why the rcmp aren't forthcoming or transparent about this?

  • P. O. S.

  • President Manchimp sucks

  • Good to know the Royal family is still above pandemic laws. At least life has not changed for the Elite. I will be able to sleep better knowing "laws for thee but nor for me" still exists.