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BOYCOTT DAVE CHAPPELLE!Áhorf 1,2 m.Mánuði síðan
18:36I hate having to talk about this, but we have to...
15:58This is an absolutely insane mess...
This is an absolutely insane mess...Áhorf 969 þ.2 mánuðum síðan


  • Biden's presidency is going to shock you with how much worse things can be...

  • Love ya Phil!!!!

  • Not my president.

  • the next trump is either going to be one of those crazies who believed in Q or another celebrity, because fascism is about showmanship, cruz or hawley doesn't have charisma

  • Thing is Biden can revoke some of the pardons, manly the ones that are still on the desk

  • The recent mandate have been a disordered mess, you kept us up to date, Phil, youre the bamf. Ty

  • We are all fucked now!

  • Wait. So tweeting the location of a person to a mob that you know wants to hurt and possibly kill the person is NOT considered a crime? What the fuck America.

  • Phil, I love you, but everyone is guilty for selling out for personal gain. Democrat politicians are a lot richer than the republicans. The military industrial complex is a real tangible problem that I don't think this administration is going to fix, I think they will perpetuate it. Biden is a wardog

  • So as a canadian in alberta we where shocked about the keystone xl pipeline being pulled. I remember when i started highschool it was just getting in the news about the plans for it to happen. It will be interesting as technically it was supposed to be safer then transporting by boat/ truck well also being faster

  • My main concern with all of this is that we might not see Phillix Joned again 😢

  • I hate that people are celebrating the first black vp, identity politics drives racism

  • For Gray's fans who accusing Indonesian of being racist because she's black: do your homework. Go look for backlash happened to other tourist in Bali before her. We don't care about nationality, skin color, or sexual orientation. We only care about behavior, and she failed to show her respect to the locals until the very end, by insisting that she does nothing wrong, and that we're racist. Shame on you. And I hope she enjoys her new life back home, because no more cheap stuff that you can get with your US dollars without paying tax.

  • Hopefully there will be less militant wokeness now that Trump is gone since that's what got him elected in the first place. 🤷‍♀️

  • Eugene Goodman, BAMF of the day. Possibly month.

  • If you're not straight just stay away from Indonesia lol. I feel sorry for the gay Indonesians that have to live in that horrible nightmare.

  • Lllllll

  • Why Americans more interested in the fact that Kamala Harris is a black-asian-american woman, than the fact that she got the job in the first place? Y'all buggin. The rest of the world has had powerful female leaders for decades, stop acting like it's something ground breaking and congratulate her on getting the JOB, not her race and gender.

    • Yeah amen to that. They are at least 30 years too late to the party where we should be celebrating it as a victory. The choices in the US election was 'rich old white guy' or 'rich old white guy'. What a Democracy! What Freedom! Anyone can be president! The thing is that the US isn't really a democracy, its a complicated plutocracy and in corporations its still mostly rich old white men with power. The few politicians who are not part of that system and actually seem to care for something else are either, crazy right wing gun nuts, extreme lefties like Bernie or new blood like AOC. You see how much they are vilified in the news. They either get so much hate piled on them people start to believe it or they give in to the pressure and just become part of the system. Hilary for example, total shill for the big corporations. The same blacklisting of figures outside this system happens elsewhere too, in the UK there was an upset years back when the Labour party (left wing) elected Jeremy Corbyn as their leader against all expectations, this was due to how their party voting works and that lots of low level, basic members went with a guy actually demonstrating their ideals rather than going with private interests as usual. Corbyn who had been a politician for decades then faced years of backstabbing and mud slinging from his own party who didnt like that he wasn't interested in benefiting himself personally like they all were, the media were on board too and took every chance they could to smear him. One of the biggest slander campaigns was that he was a sympathiser to Irish terrorists during the troubles because he met with them and tried to start dialog with them years and years very early on. People seem to conviniently forget that the policy of non-negotiation that was ended by Tony Blair, who opened dialog with them, is what ended that civil war..... So when Tony did it, hero, when Corbyn did, terrorist sympathizing villain. The US plays identity politics alot because they know people care and will listen and think they are someone getting 'change' when infact its just the same old tired corporate shills interested in keeping the rich rich and the poor where they are.

  • 2016: Kamalla Harris first Indian woman elected to congress 2020: Kamalla Harris first african american vice president Could we stop with the race switching and agree that she is an extremely unlikable woman?

    • At least she's not a war criminal like Clinton, she'd make a better first female president in that regard.

  • Thank you for saying you love my face, I was getting worried you didn’t anymore!

  • Ive been watching your videos for well over 8 years and I remember being disappointed in some of your videos of about 5 years ago when Trump was running for office. Idk if it's because I'm European but it didn't make sense to me to see how you would try to give equivalencies between arguments that didn't make sense. I'm very happy to see you fully acknowledge that it's a way of communicating that isn't at all productive. I actually remember looking in the comments and seeing toooons of mindless Trump supporters at that time. This channel has evolved so much, it's great to see.

  • Damn you still look good! I’m so happy to see you on my recommendations 🥰

  • I will not unit with people who wish to remove my rights and through me in jail

  • Now sooooo the hair thoooooo👏🏾

  • Goodman is the main character. No arguments

  • Yo I just checked back in after like three months AND WHAT THA FUCK!!!

  • Phil’s hair style suits him, I know it doesn’t matter but I just think when someone makes an effort to style their hair in a new way or do their makeup in a new way or wear something different it’s nice to let them know that it suits them. So Phil it suits you ☺️

    • It does help complete his leftist transformation into full blown fanatic. I do have to agree.

  • God love you, Phil. Our parasocial relationship is so positive and strong. Again, it would be an epic day to be able to sit down and share a couple beers with you my guy. Stay blessed [+]

  • Philip went from College hat-do to Daddy do REAL Quick.

  • I can't believe people are alienating what those patriots did at the capitol. lefties are kinda evil.

  • What's with that title? Were you hacked, Phil?

  • Yeah, biden's dogs don't like the concept of unity very much But yeah, let's not make any false equivalencies, months and months of rioting is in no way comparable to 1 day, even if both are terrible

  • I like ya cut G

  • Love your hair Phil

  • Sure we can meet halfway, far away from both Qanon and Antifa. 🤷‍♀️

  • A #BAMF of the day.. finally 🥲

  • America is f🤬cked. I never wanted to live somewhere else more. But then I think wouldn't it be better to stay here and actually try and fix it. That's the only way democracy will truly work. We have to live up to our ideals. I hope remembering this crazy shit will be enough

  • You forgot the erasure of women's sex based rights.....

  • Watching a man who used to bastion free speech cheering on political and corporate monopolies is a sobering reminder of the power of religious social doctrines.

  • Now the terrible gender politics are a reality. Congrats america! Your politics ruined and confused the youth

  • Mitch looked like he had just rolled out of bed, with an empty vodka bottle still in his hand and reeking of alcohol.

  • I saw someone on Twitter say “ I can’t wait to hate the POTUS the normal amount again” and I also saw “ you see all this shit (shows the new potus Twitter) So bored reading this. I love it. “

  • also now that biden has cut the pipeline expect gas prices to go up again now that the US is back on that Arabian oil Dick

  • o ya eugene goodman is a hero with no cape

  • I will say this, I am all for the sentiment of making drivers/gig workers employees with benefits, but I just don't see that as a sustainable business model for the ride-share services. The bureaucracy alone for standing up an HR department would be crippling and immense, not to mention the salary demands that this would add along with the increase in compensation/benefits to the drivers. So the result will be one of two things, either it's not profitable period and the services just leave the state outright, OR they do the necessary work to make it happen and the cost of rides/deliveries more than double to the point where nobody is willing to use them anymore and the services are forced to shutter their service in CA. I mean Taxi's have existed here forever, but nobody ever used them because they were expensive as hell and inconvenient. Solution 1) de-couple health insurance from employers, and provide universal health CARE, fuck insurance. Solution 2) Don't allow Uber/Lyft to employ drivers full time. It's called ride SHARING, not Taxi replacement It was never designed to be people's sole source of income, so don't allow it to be...

  • Love ya dude. I doubt you'll see this but just know we're out here and love what you do.

  • Phil, I know you hate it but I really like your hair like this!

  • America cannot unite, we should love each other but how can people with such different beliefs share a government? The left and right are completely different, we’ve seen how angry conservatives are recently and it’s because of many things but mostly because of the gradual totalitarianism unfolding: Newspeak which is the opposite of free speech, is limiting a people’s vocabulary so you can’t describe ideas that go against the agenda or share new perspectives so words like bad turn into “ungood” horrible turns into “double plus-ungood”, as of now though in reality saying “nigga” or “fag” is what is the collective hates and I’m glad because Liberty means the ability to tell people what they don’t want to hear and Newspeak is slowly becoming the official language of the D.S.A(Divided States of America), heavy taxation where the founding fathers went to war because of a 2% tax, BUT NOW WE’RE TAXED 40 OR 60%! And finally one reason people are angry are abortions, while the last civil war was to abolish slavery, this one will be to abolish abortion I doubt many people will like this comment but I don’t care screen shot if you did tho

  • Maybe now that the election is over, Philly D here can stop being a bitch.

  • I don't really enjoy how much more opinionated you're getting in your videos. I understand they are your videos and you can do what you want with them. But I enjoyed your channel because you just gave me the news and that was that. I'll always respect you but I don't think I can keep watching :/

    • @Daxos I suppose you're right, regardless it's how I feel. I don't think that'll be going away :/

    • You just misunderstood what it was then. This was always the format. You probably just aligned more with younger Phil so it didn't trigger you that much.

  • If nobody lied there wouldn’t be any point to politics

  • Extreme right is only a response to extreme left. It is like we went from one extreme to another with people like Kamala in power.

    • Kamala is a centrist.. By any Western nations metrics, she's a straight up conservative centrist. If you think that, you've let the right define the left. Would you let the left define the right? No? Then don't let the right define the left either.

  • Find it finny that people think Biden will be better. Don't think Trump should be president but he for sure is a better choice then the competition you people keep putting up.

  • Being told what to think about things is from ypur news source is what got us into this 2020 mess in the first place. Hopefully phil can stop whining about politics and get bacl to the improtant shit. Hit the reset button and move on... democracy was ‘saved’ or whatever

  • Omg I forgot about the bamf!

  • Who here agrees that Snowdon and Assange should of been pardoned.

  • I gotta say, the hair kinda works. Of course, get a haircut when you can; However, just owning it as you have here, or making it a meme and accepting that like with the hat, are both great.

  • She's not sorry about the debacle, she's sorry cause they were caught

  • Anyone know what his hoodie is?

  • Sure doesn't seem to be many comments mentioning the big event today. Usually people would be here talking about that, which is better than the alternative. Thanks Phil

  • “I’m being deported because of LGBT” I can’t 💀💀💀

  • 10:40 Don't make this an issue and stir controversy. Respect the country you are in, if that's their stance about LGBT, respect that. You are just being entitled.

    • Respect it? Nah. Respect is earned. If anything you should simply boycott them instead of supporting a cruel regime.

  • Good on ya, Eugene! You deserve these accolades. One smart + brave soul, indeed.

  • Eugene Goodman is a true hero. Unreal courage and quick thinking. Do people realize that without him, we may have been watching videos of Senators being executed rather than Viking man and onion towel/pepper spray lady? Eugene saved the day. Hopefully they'll reward him, maybe he can get Senator level healthcare or early retirement. A promotion is good but idk, not enough. He's a black cop and he stood up to a mob of far right radicals... I can't get over how much courage that required. BAMF for sure.

  • Phil, those teeth are looking mighty white... New president, New teeth am i right?

  • I find the reluctance to meet people half way you talk of quite terrifying, and a precursor to great suffering.

  • Great job i love yo face

  • Democracy is dead. Four years they cried division. Biden didn’t win. He stole it.

  • I'm watching the inaguration, congratulations to President Joe Biden. I wish only good things for America and the president. I also want to say in my opinion the real coupe that took place was done to get Donald Trump out of office. I just wanted to speak freely and honestly, God Bless! P.s., I wonder if those lobbyists Trump tried to outlaw influenced his presidency? Lol, I'm sure they didn't want him to have a second term :/

  • one of the statements that i remember from the reaction to this coup is that there are examples in other countries of failed coup's later becoming successful

  • Congratulation, your country will be bombed by a Left leaning majority

  • Damn we went from hat Phil to slicked back Phil

  • She's dumb for putting out that statement in Indonesia 🤣 big oooof

  • Seriously, thank you Phil for taking a stance and holding a torch for democracy and common sense.

  • Comparing this video to the one for years ago when Trump was sworn in shows so much growth!

  • Why do we even have a pardon system??? Doesn’t that just take the point out of serving justice to people that do wrong???

  • Go Biden, even if I live in England.

  • Your hair looks great Phil

  • Phil I've ended my day with you everyday since 2013 and it's been comforting to have you as a guide through the past four years. I'm looking forward to the evolved PDS analysis of our new government going forward and learning with you like I have for the past 7 years.

  • meh