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7:03Americans Pleased with US Direction DOUBLES Since Trump Left
7:29Dr Fauci: Soon Time to Start Relaxing INDOOR Masking
Dr Fauci: Soon Time to Start Relaxing INDOOR MaskingÁhorf 13 þ.12 klukkustundum síðan
8:55Lindsey Graham: Republicans Absolutely Need Trump
Lindsey Graham: Republicans Absolutely Need TrumpÁhorf 39 þ.Degi Síðan síðan
3:18Will Rudy Giuliani End Up in Prison?
Will Rudy Giuliani End Up in Prison?Áhorf 74 þ.12 klukkustundum síðan
4:29Caller Doesn't Think Bernie Would Have Done Better Than Biden
3:20Caller DEMANDS Producer Pat OnlyFans
Caller DEMANDS Producer Pat OnlyFansÁhorf 14 þ.12 klukkustundum síðan
3:35Will Fighting Against Vote-by-Mail Backfire for Republicans?
10:49Republican Senator COLLAPSES When Fox Host Confronts Him
Republican Senator COLLAPSES When Fox Host Confronts HimÁhorf 431 þ.12 klukkustundum síðan
5:25Why Are People Still Watching Our Channel?
Why Are People Still Watching Our Channel?Áhorf 26 þ.12 klukkustundum síðan
7:00Republicans Pushing DANGEROUS Anti-Protest Bills
Republicans Pushing DANGEROUS Anti-Protest BillsÁhorf 20 þ.12 klukkustundum síðan
1:33Why Do You Do What You Do?
Why Do You Do What You Do?Áhorf 13 þ.12 klukkustundum síðan
5:52Why is Right Wing Grifting So Much More Lucrative?
Why is Right Wing Grifting So Much More Lucrative?Áhorf 36 þ.12 klukkustundum síðan
6:19Newsmax ADMITS It Lied About 2020 Election, Apologizes!
Newsmax ADMITS It Lied About 2020 Election, Apologizes!Áhorf 400 þ.12 klukkustundum síðan
5:28Will Masks Become Seasonally Permanent?
Will Masks Become Seasonally Permanent?Áhorf 13 þ.12 klukkustundum síðan
5:57Caller Uncomfortable Taking Mask Off Outdoors
Caller Uncomfortable Taking Mask Off OutdoorsÁhorf 11 þ.12 klukkustundum síðan
9:05Cringe-Inducing "Woke Test" on Newsmax is Painful to Watch
5:32National Guard Soldier Charged in Trump Riots
National Guard Soldier Charged in Trump RiotsÁhorf 72 þ.12 klukkustundum síðan
10:21They HATE Critical Race Theory, But Don't Know What It Is
8:41Trump, Don Jr, Fox News MELT DOWN Over Trump Facebook Ban
Trump, Don Jr, Fox News MELT DOWN Over Trump Facebook BanÁhorf 312 þ.12 klukkustundum síðan


  • I would love to see a part 2 to this. This was honestly the most productive and mature conversation i’ve seen on gun control between the left and right. Ben should extend the invitation to David Pakman since David Pakman invited him the first time.

  • Newsmax are just like Murdoch's publications, full of lies and misinformation

  • I hate how much you talk.

  • Wow satirists have a hard time these days ….

  • total leftest puke how much you being paid ??????

  • That NewsMax reporter was pathetic and was deservedly crushed and dismissed by Jen Psaki.

  • You negate living in an impoverished area isn’t exclusive to only people of color. The history of that Caucasian family also has consequences. The false assumption is that white means they will have the advantage when it’s as unlikely for them as any other person of color under same conditions. They are also starting the game late.

  • Funny how Hunter Biden an ex drug addict carries himself in a more respectful manner. People who been thru it usually wise up as oppose to the trumps acting like children cause things didnt go there way like there used to.

  • your office has a great view!

  • This guy said he himself doesnt believe any of this, he is only trying to prove others wrong

  • Arizona Sec of State, Democrat Katie Hobbs, who is currently under 24/7 protection due to election denier death threats, are calling it a "Fraudit".

  • What work would any of them do?

  • How’s Covid going over there? Is empathy working?

  • I'll be shocked if the republican base ever accepts another election won by a dem ever again. They seem all in.

  • Are they looking for soy sauce & panda hair as well?

  • One measure of the "massive widespread voter fraud": The amount of coffee spat up by fifty plus federal judges upon presentation of evidence for said fraud. Do you have any idea how much caffeine that is?

  • So it's not an actual audit, it's an acronym,wtaf or I am misinformed in what an audit is🤔I'm confused

  • Versus Trump’s golf and watching TV for six hours a day schedule?! Oh, hee-hee, aha. Ha, ooh, hee, ha-ha, ha-ha.

  • Jen is awesome! She humours these ridiculous questions and shows them to be idiotic attempts at saying nothing.So admire Jen's panache.What a mind!

  • Pasaki is the smartest one in the room. Don't mess!

  • Where do you live? We've been out of masks for months....indoor dining has been normal since last summer. It's also much busier than it was before the scam.

  • Chris Wallace is the only real reporter on fox

  • *6:28** "I recently read A Brief History Of Time, by the great Stephen Hawking..."* You've been saying that for years, David. I know because I'm a regular viewer. Either you're a very slow reader or you keep re-reading the same book, or it's not as brief as Hawking promised!

  • Amen,the traitor is out of our house.Perfect.

  • President Trump is the reason why America is headed in the right direction.

  • Her name ain't Emerald hahaha.More like Misty the pole dancer lol.

  • Really, Honey? Hardest working President? More like hardly working President.

  • What a fool

  • Hey, y'now what, Karmala Harris is the VPOTUS; we have a saying in Australia, build a bridge and get... over... it! The woman is doing her job while Joe Biden is looking after the US. This is what walking and chewing gum looks like! US citizens have forgotten what a "normal" president & vice president should look & act like. I can't prove this statement but, I seriously think that if VPOTUS were a white, Christian, man these questions would not be asked.

  • David you missed the part of the interview where he says he does not believe this theory about the bamboo

  • Ooooohhh!!! The Democrats should be very nervous around about now

  • Whoa...so we finally found out the one thing Pakman is not open minded towards. Astrology! Well, at least we now know David IS human. Or it's possible it proves he's an alien. One or the other. Doesn't matter. Love ya anyways Dave:) thanks for all you do man!

  • Pure gold..Paski took the opportunity to say what a great job President Biden is doing.

  • In my eyes the most stupid first world country on the planet isn't moving anywhere at all. Due to the two party system your ridiculously corrupt and disgusting politics swing forwards and then backwards again and again and again resulting in going nowhere at all.

  • Trump supports DEMENTIA ON THE RISE...???

  • also are you talkin shit on katie porters white board? she might be sensationalist but shes a bad ass and i will not abide this tom foolery

  • Obvious this guy isn't paying attention! More fake news.

  • I don't do Instagram. Put it on ISchats.

  • Candace Owens became a republican after the left roasted her for her failed doxxing site.

  • I will wear a mask and gloves also use Anti germ wipes going to the stores as long as I can do it... This past year I have not been sick at all and it has been nice.

  • I will continue to wear a mask at stores and Dr offices.. Covid made me aware that strangers are gross and I Don t want to be unsafe around them...

  • The southeast part of the world 😂😂😂

  • "People are saying .." a Trump preface for: "an unfounded claim with no backing in reality."

  • Bruce is hilarious. He would do anything to catch attention.

  • This man has totally lost his mind he needs to be stripped of his platform his ignorance knows no bounds and he makes his self look dumb

  • Awesome! Hopefully this will work.

  • what difference does it make who asked the question ,she did just now !why wont she answer the question that's her job as press sec all she did was deflect a question by responding with a off topic question ,big deal !

  • JP has the patience of a saint...

  • I’m getting tired of this shit.

  • David, the correct clinical term is “shared psychosis”

  • Can anyone explain why right-wingers are so stupid these days? There was once a time when right-wing politics had a strong intellectual foundation. You might disagree with them but you had to concede that their beliefs were based upon facts from the real world. The difference between ideologies was the interpretation of those facts. Now one half of the political spectrum, the world over, outright reject all facts that dispute their "feelings". Climate change and Covid being prime examples.

  • Wow... so many on the Left have been brainwashed into believing that election integrity is bad. We the People should do a thorough audit of EVERY election.

  • This is not about Fauchi giving approval. We are all gambling with nothing to gain and everything to lose. Vaccinated people carry and pass the disease. Anyone indoors without a mask will be a casualty. Do you want to be the one shooting them with your vaccinated shield?

  • "In fact that's how I make my living... persuading people elections were compromised, so they feel the need to call in my company, A.U.D.I.T., at $15,000 per day to recount the ballots." <smiles>

  • I followed "Meet Kevin" for a hot minute. The guy's an idiot but at least he gave a moment to interview someone as adept as Pakman. Leave it to David to nimbly navigate Kevin's thinly veiled right wing perspective in such a diplomatic fashion. Well done, shame I didnt get around to this interview until now

  • CYBER DORKS: Count with one hand wank with the other...bamboozled?

  • Apologies should only be given to those who deserve respect

  • Lmao the “implication” is that if bamboo is in these alleged ballots they MUST come from China lmao! Thank the Republican Party fir making a laughing stick of this country. They’re so desperate for power they’ll do anything. And the WORST thing they did to threaten Democracy is hook their wagon to the far right Evangelicals and religious zealots. They are NIT INTERESTED in true Democracy. They only interested in their perception of the Bible and want this country run that way. They don’t want a separation of Church and State... so long as it’s THEIR CHURCH in control. It’s so OBVIOUS. And we all need to start saying it out LOUD.

  • Honestly anything was better then trump

  • It's crazy how everyone but him are dummies and have no common sense but he Is struggling to say certain words

  • i resent that projection, her statement was so false i couldnt find any meaning to it other than as an apologist accounting of Hitler.

  • If you have Fox News in your packages be aware that you are funding the lies of that channel. You want to get out just demand that Fox News becomes a premium channel and no longer be a channel in you package. Those who want it should pay for it. For my part I don't want to give them another cent. unfoxmycablebox.com/

  • "Relatively light schedule", as compared to WHOM?!!! The last one. OMG I cannot stop laughing. Given the sh*t show 45 left Biden should be paid quadruple.

  • I f you listen to the entire interview, you will find he does NOT believe in the bamboo theory.

  • I think that most of Newsmax's goal is simply to be "silenced". Let's face it, agencies like Newsmax aren't in that room to gather facts or anything like that. They are there to find/create drama they can milk. If they can get people to focus on that drama then they won't be focusing on what Psaki is actually saying. In fairness, the left leaning media did the same thing with Trump. The only difference is that this was the EXACT coverage Trump wanted. Unlike Biden, the last thing Trump wanted was for people to focus on what he was working on... or more to the point, not working on.

  • It’s obvious that Jenner talks with her money and not with any common sense. Typical rich people .

  • Ah, Maricopa county, memories of tRumps first pardon to Joe Arpaio.

  • Trudeau has had a brilliant set up for the past year since covid began. Daily briefings with legitimate MSM journalist on site, and quack conservative media like Sun TV (Canada's version of FOX News) via remote teleconferencing. It lasted for 6 months until an army reservist crashed his P/U truck through security gates at the PM's home. The "Rambo" style attack was a sign that the Trudeau family had to move. The perp armed himself with multiple shotguns and pistols, ready to kidnap the PM. It was revealed after the fact, police had confiscated the assault rifles from the attacker mere months prior, because a judge felt Hurren(the perp) was a danger to himself and the public. Since then the pressers are held indoors with few journalists on site, and the rest on queue by phone with two questions only.

  • Good point about Trumpists living by anecdote...

  • Blame the victim GOB (Good Old Boys) er uh GOP (Grande Old Pissants?}?

  • To be fair this guy said he didn’t believe it, he was doing it because that’s what they hired him to do. Saw it on Seth Meyers

  • It's a version of mass hysteria like at the Salem Witch Trials, more than tribal psychosis.

  • "people are saying the moon is made of cheese"

  • Newsmax are trying to be media darlings of the bat shit crazy idiots that don't read books ,but claim to know everything.Absurd and dangerous.

  • Merveilleux, il est juste fou?

  • Emerald will go to Trump for her pat on the head. She too is performing to an audience of one.

  • To be fair - if you watch all of what that guy says - he says later that he personally does not believe in the bamboo thing, but that some people do. So he is just doing his job. David has been (unusually - cos I love this show) unfair on him in this instance.