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Heya! My name is Vivienne, and I like to animate cartoons and songs!
I am a grad of SVA in NYC, majoring in traditional animation, and I animate films based on the silly characters I keep coming up with! I have also taken to trying to fan animate some songs every now n' then. Songs that give me inspiration or direct visuals! I adore musicals and villains and animals, can't you tell? Hope you enjoy! c:

"What programs do you use?" TV Paint for animation, Adobe premiere, After effects, Sai and Photoshop!
"When is your next animation?" Animation takes time, but I'm almost always working on something! Soon as I can finish you'll see it!
"What are these characters you draw from?" They are from my various projects, I have TONS of projects!
"Why is your taste in music such shit?" It's cause it's my taste in music, it's not yours. I choose what songs I LOVE so they aren't shit to me!


Hazbin Hotel (comedy/Musical series) -IN Production-


17:26HELLUVA BOSS - Spring Broken // S1: Episode 3
HELLUVA BOSS SEASON 1 TRAILERÁhorf 2,7 m.2 mánuðum síðan
2:28:07HAZBIN HOTEL Pilot Cast LIVE Panel!
HAZBIN HOTEL Pilot Cast LIVE Panel!Áhorf 1,3 m.2 mánuðum síðan
16:13HELLUVA BOSS - Loo Loo Land // S1: Episode 2
HELLUVA BOSS - Loo Loo Land // S1: Episode 2Áhorf 18 m.2 mánuðum síðan
SURPRISE HELLUVA SIGNING STREAM!Áhorf 959 þ.3 mánuðum síðan
13:42HELLUVA BOSS - Murder Family // S1: Episode 1
HELLUVA BOSS - Murder Family // S1: Episode 1Áhorf 22 m.4 mánuðum síðan
11:39ZooPhobia - "Bad Luck Jack" (Short)
ZooPhobia - "Bad Luck Jack" (Short)Áhorf 8 m.5 mánuðum síðan
HAZBIN HOTEL (PILOT)- JAPANESE DUBÁhorf 2,3 m.5 mánuðum síðan
HELLUVA BOSS (PILOT) FRENCHÁhorf 1,4 m.5 mánuðum síðan
5:25ADDICT (Music Video) - HAZBIN HOTEL
ADDICT (Music Video) - HAZBIN HOTELÁhorf 77 m.7 mánuðum síðan
HAZBIN HOTEL (PILOT) - FRENCH DUBÁhorf 3,4 m.9 mánuðum síðan
5:30HOLIDAZE (Short Film)
HOLIDAZE (Short Film)Áhorf 8 m.Ári síðan
HELLUVA BOSS (PILOT)Áhorf 33 m.Ári síðan
HAZBIN HOTEL (PILOT)Áhorf 57 m.Ári síðan
2:36Cartoon All-Stars Reanimate!
Cartoon All-Stars Reanimate!Áhorf 1,1 m.2 árum síðan


  • Awesome animation good job on this one and yes i know im watching this in 2021 but meh

  • Who can be i.m.p's demonic arch nemesis?

  • I know dass right


  • Technically there could be a double hell since.. circles of hell and all so uh.. *Grabs ze trusty shotgun* Let's go kill a bitch

  • Am I the only person that realised that bloody clown robot is on a picture in the back

  • Blitz purring was so cute-

  • 4:56 splatting the drink

  • This song is now more popular then the soviet national anthem

  • Here's the text at the bottom of the news screen if anyone want it. Breaking news: A large scale turf war is underway in Pentagram City between Sir Pentious and Cherri Bomb. The surrounding area's are covered in debris, so please avoid downtown on your commute today. Traffic is "Hella" backed up. Get it? "Hell", but with an "A" at the end? Thats a word younger people seem to enjoy using, I don't really like it though. I wrote it because it seemed like the natural kind of pun to make for this situation, but now that I see it in text, I feel like it was a mistake. A mistake I cant take back...Like cheating on my wife. I'm so sorry Martha. I shouldn't have done it, but you did gain a lot of weight after the baby and I really needed some space. You know what? No, that was a good call. I banged the cleaning lady, and that was a pretty nice time. Even though she laughed at me when I told her I couldn't get off unless she licked my foot first. I don't see how that's a weird request. Maybe if I'd just gotten a hooker she would've been more agreeable. The point is my wife was a fucking bitch. One time we went to the zoo and I got really mad because I thought the orangutan was making fun of me. He kept doing that stupid duck lip face? The one where their lips get all puckered? Then it started screaming, and that really pissed me off. My wife told me it was just a monkey and to "calm down" s---- Thats where its cuts off

  • Anyone watching this in 2021? Anyone?

  • Blitzos voice sounds like Brandon's Rodger's.

  • Is no one gonna comment on the fact that Octavia is voiced by the wonderful Barrett Wilbert Weed who played Veronica Sawyer in the musical version of Heathers? No? Just me? Okay.

  • Plz.... I will "fix" w/e person or persons is preventing ep 2 and beyond. Im quiet and discreet. They'll never hear a peep ;)

  • She almost said dad but she caught her self and said blits

  • Oh, you know, Hazbin Hotel. My *favorite* anime

  • 😁😁😁

  • 5:36 **head smash** LOO LOO LAND!?

  • 15:06 Me:HOLLY!!-well i never knew that Stolas is medusa to me O-O

  • I hope she finishes this

  • XD

  • angel dust doesn't sound like angel dust

  • *claps hands for how good this is

  • ha ha ha ha ha! all cartoon's is lariats


  • This should go on Spotify

  • Good lord where did the family live at for that kind of police response Waco,TX.......

  • 22:57 yes Husker was there oh good golly

  • Я одна думаю кто это кенгуру, кролик или лиса?

  • Wholesome? They have a lamp made of a human spine!

  • Now all it needs is an anime opening

  • Charlie!! Letting a human soul telling you if you can rehabilitate sinners! 😒 You and I both know you're better than that. But hey I don't guess I can nessisarily stop you

  • Angel having six arms makes me wonder wha would happen if someone cutter them off not to be entertaining my good fellow Angel but still

  • Want part 4

    • Its sunday past the usual release time ep 1 and 2 came out at that time and on twitter it was annoinced as soon at the 26th second

  • Yo realmente amo tu trabajo espero pronto ver más de esta grandiosa serie

  • I love that Moxie and Millie are in a pretty healthy relationship despite being demons.

  • When I saw Charlie I already noticed frizzrolli there I just ignored him since he wanted to copy Charlie oh how entertaining

  • I came back here after watching a story board artist how us how to do Angel Dust's pole dance

  • Guys please I’m becoming addicted to the show i want to meet angel so bad that I gone back in time just to do some war crimes in the boxer insurrection

  • R.I.P plants

  • I love your videos cab you make more?

  • Oh how entertaining rewatching it makes me know some thing

  • Oh good golly how entertaining AHAhah

  • I have to say even though this isn't my favorite cartoon I would totally watch the hell out of an entire series purely because it's very unique and Alistair is awesome

  • Kick cherri Reaso: terrorism F1-yes F2-no

  • 👍👍👍👍❤❤


  • Get in here where going to lol lol land loo loo land loo lo land loo loo land shut the fuck up !

  • Out of context My fav character is angel dust

  • This is called my world is burning down around me it’s by fuck you dad it’s a band

  • I love this song! It always gets stuck in my head

  • I'm currently addicted to this song

  • Imp boss:what! Doughter:the! Imp boss: fuck doughter:dad!

  • I am addicted to this song

  • People dying: AAAAAA Moxxie: *fish*

  • I’m not sure if that’s Olivia at 5:01 but it looks like it is

  • I thought this was a fan made thing until I went into the channel and went on videos

  • lmao i like how the sniper rifle turned into a freaking automatic gun 11:43

  • I saw one episode when scrolling through ISchats and now I can’t get enough

  • 1:29 children zone 90km per hour for all you Americans out there that's 3 times or more the amount actual schoolzones allow you to drive

  • Me just waiting for episode 4:

    • same if it wouldve gone like 2 and 3 then it would be out by now

  • 10:43 That dog’s fuckin dead

  • I like how always starts wholesome


  • Was this a trailer for Bad luck jack? Because a sav everybody

  • Me:search’s up Pokémon cards. ISchats:this is definitely Pokémon cards

  • Omg this was released on my birthday

  • “ILL CALL HR” roblox hotels be like

  • I LOVE how even the chair Moxy is tied to is also a corpse!

  • She(Charlie)very like me😁🥰

  • Is moxc a girl or a boy

  • Were is Episode 1

  • 2021check and also I can see which character you put in as a crossover

  • somebody needs to properly remake this song

  • 10:23 ship it

  • 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Episode 4 please

  • He did not high five her-

  • Watching this for the third time really brings out the details I had no idea Charlie's Mom was watching her at the studio.

  • I am in love with alasoter